Dear Gary!

First and Foremost I thank God for creating you! I thank God for using you as a STARLIGHT, A Guiding LIGHT in our lives – I thank God for creating you as a vessel of HIS AWESOME LOVE! I thank Him for odering your feet and for being the light unto your feet! Seeing your name alone is an edifying experience all on its own!

I dedicate Celine Dion song you!

You were my strength when I needed you,

..You saw the best the best there was in me!

I’m everything I am because you love me!

I always felt these words were sung by God to me!

I hope you feel God sing the same song to you!

Thank you so much.

God bless you deeply!

I will write to you again.

God bless you with your innermost desires!

Lots of love.

Happy Birthday,