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Spiritual Partnership:
The Journey to Authentic Power

Spiritual Partnership book by Gary Zukav
Spiritual Partnership is a revolutionary new path for creating core relationships that nourish soul evolution. A Spiritual Partnership is based not on need but on the very essence, celebration, and practice of soul awakening. In Spiritual Partnership, Gary Zukav shares the simple keys to profoundly transforming your life and spiritually igniting your core relationships.

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The Cave

Chapter 5
Experiencing the pain of powerlessness directly—the painful sensations in your body that lie beneath your destructive episodes of anger, vengefulness, righteousness, and callousness—goes directly to the source of these experiences. When you have the courage and skill to experience directly the core pain that you have been running from all your life, that has generated every destructive consequence that you have created for yourself, there is no more bogeyman left to frighten you. Then your life becomes a matter of the choices that you will make with your new awareness. If you were no longer controlled by the need to flee from the excruciating pain of self-disgust, self-loathing, and despair that has tormented you from birth, what would you choose? This is the question that you were born to ask and to answer. It is the ongoing holy inquiry that will fill your life as you begin to find your way out of the cave and into the sunlight.

Learning to Coach

Chapter 6
Imagine that you are the coach of a team in a game called “Life.” You have numerous players, but only one of them can play at a time. The player that is on the court at the moment is always the one that represents you. Whatever that player does, it is as though you did it. If that player is elegant and graceful, you appear elegant and graceful. If that player is crude and selfish, you appear crude and selfish. Each of your players is world-class. One is an expert at anger. Everything that happens angers her, and she is continually shouting, withdrawing, and blaming someone for something. She needs no warm-up. She is always ready to play at any moment, and whenever you call upon her, she brings her top-flight anger onto the court. Another is jealous, and another seeks revenge. Your team roster is large. Another player is patient, and nothing can distract him from his patience. No matter what, when you call him he brings limitless patience to the court. Another is grateful. Whatever occurs, she is grateful for it….

Your responsibility is to choose the player that you will put on the court at each moment. You can confer with others, but only you can make the final decision, and whatever you choose, you are responsible for the consequences. If you choose to play anger, you experience the consequences of anger; if you choose to play kindness, you experience the consequences of kindness; and so on. The consequences that your players create when they play are always significant, because each is the best at what she does. You are always fielding the best jealousy, kindness, disdain, patience, vengefulness, or gratitude that you have. The court is never empty. One player is always on it, playing full out. All of your players are eager to play.

The Spiritual Partnership Guidelines

Chapter 9
An individual who understands authentic power for the first time—what it is, how it is created, and why it is necessary—is like a gardener arriving for the first time at a perfect plot with the intention to grow the best garden possible. Without her intention the plot will not change and a garden will not appear. Your perfect plot is your life….

Spiritual partners are gardeners on adjoining plots. They share knowledge, experience, and skills. They share love, trust, and the commitment to create authentic power. Their lives are much more complex than gardens, but they share the fundamental feature of all gardens: Unless the gardener pulls the weeds they will continue to grow, and unless the gardener cultivates the flowers they will not bloom. The tools that are necessary to pull the weeds and cultivate the flowers in your garden are emotional awareness, responsible choice, intuition, and trust in the Universe. The more you use them, the more you create authentic power. When creating authentic power is your highest priority, you use them continually….

Without understanding the purpose of your life (garden) and developing the tools to cultivate it, you will exhaust and frustrate yourself, sometimes doing something well, sometimes not, and other times not knowing. These are experiences of an “unexamined life” (Plato’s term). A more modern term would be “unconscious life.” A still more accurate term would be “reactive life,” a life that is frequently controlled by frightened parts of your personality. The transformation of an unexamined, unconscious, reactive life into an aware, deliberate, and joyful life is the creation of authentic power.

No one can slay your dragons for you. You are the hero you have been waiting for.

Gary Zukav

Spiritual Partnership

Chapter 11
Spiritual partners journey into their deepest fears—their experiences of powerlessness—with the intention to heal them completely. They are the heroes of mythology finding and slaying the dragon, recovering the treasure, and restoring prosperity to the land.

Your dragons live within you, emerging from their lairs as they choose. For example, someone offends you and you become angry. A dragon is out and in the open. Or you withdraw emotionally and judge her silently. Another dragon is out. Or you cannot stop thinking judgmental thoughts or having violent or sexual fantasies, or cannot resist alcohol, food, sex, pornography, or shopping. The dragons are many, and some are quite powerful. All of them are terrifying enough to cause you to flee them at once (by becoming angry, finding fault, drinking alcohol, having sex, shopping, smoking, and so on). No one can slay your dragons for you. You are the hero you have been waiting for. Until you accept this role you will continue to wait, and the longer you wait, the more your dragons will rampage through your life, creating havoc and pain when they choose….

Five-sensory friends look for causes of their suffering outside of themselves—in their failed relationships, illnesses, betrayals, and bad luck. They change friends and circumstances but they do not change themselves, and so their interactions with new circumstances and friends produce the same painful experiences. This is the horizontal path. Their dragons remain. Spiritual partners take the vertical path. They change themselves. They slay their own dragons. They do not wait for the impossible, for others to slay their dragons for them.

Author Gary Zukav


Chapter 25
At some point in the creation of authentic power your endeavors become real to you. You realize that your emotional awareness and responsible choices are affecting the very substance of your life—your ability to live outside of the control of the frightened parts of your personality and to create a life of love. When you realize, and truly realize, that allowing the frightened parts of your personality to do as they choose is more painful than challenging them, the courage that challenging them requires begins to be replaced with the gratification of challenging them and choosing responsibly instead of reacting irresponsibly. You begin to create different consequences for yourself and others. You no longer change in order to please others, be accepted, or make yourself feel valuable or safe. You change because you want to change, because you are no longer willing to be controlled by the frightened parts of your personality. You change because you no longer want to experience the pain of the frightened parts of your personality and the pain of the consequences that they create.