Harvesting Who I Am Meant to Be

The seeds were planted in the 90’s through TV
Oprah and Gary’s sharing touched the seat of my soul.
There was no turning back
I knew I had to grow.

I sprouted from the depths inside
As I read and read book after book.
Seat, Heart, Mind of the Soul
Soul Stories, Soul to Soul.

As the desire for a healthier life,
I grow the truth deep inside.
To my knees I resided
As I challenge my strife

As an annual I return
Each season for more
Continuing to blossom
And finding truth galore

As I continue to sprout
I find my community of souls
Includes those where I reside
And those from distance afar.

They ask what I do
To be open as they see
I share, “it’s a conscious path”
One moment at a time

The shield of protection
No longer serves the new me
As I continue my Journey
To be whole and to be free.

I invite you to come and grow with me.
The Journey is the distance you choose
To live in your wholeness
Is a freedom beyond the imagination.

Happy Birthday Week Gary and Linda

With Love, Carol Ann