Chapter 1

Question Q1

1). This question is an important one because almost everyone feels anger, but not everyone wants to believe that they feel anger. Others feel that they have a right to be angry, and very few people consider the consequences that acting in anger creates for them. The Heart of the Soul: Emotional Awareness (Simon and Schuster, NY, 2001), has many helpful discussions about anger. We suggest that you go to page 291 in the index and see which of them you feel might be most helpful for you to begin with.

2). Spiritual partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power (HarperOne, San Francisco, 2010) is the natural companion to this course. As much information as this course contains about spiritual partnership, and it is a lot, this book contains even more. We suggest you read it. It also has many helpful discussions about anger, which you will find on page 269 of the index.

3). The Seat of the Soul (Simon and Schuster, NY, 1989) is the foundational book about authentic power. People who are creating authentic power naturally form spiritual partnerships. The Seat of the Soul contains some very interesting perspectives on anger, which we suggest you read, also. They are listed on page 250 of the index.