SOTS Course Help

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My answers don’t show up in my SoulLog.

A: Did you click the “Enter answers into SoulLog” link at the bottom of the review video page before you exited the course? When you click this link, your answers are recorded and available for reviewing. If you exit the course without clicking this link, your answers will not be recorded.

Q: How do I get to the “Enter answers into SoulLog” link?

A: If you are in a chapter, JOURNEY ON through the pages until you arrive on the Review Video page. The “Enter answers into SoulLog” link will be at the bottom right where the JOURNEY ON button was.

Q: I don’t see the chapter videos or the boxes to write my answers.

A: You may be in the SoulLog. The questions you answered in the chapters are repeated in the SoulLog along with your answers. Think of your SoulLog as journal. When you write an entry in your journal, you do not expect to change it later. You may see differently in the future, but if so that is when you will write another entry. You can go back to any question, even after you finish the chapter, and answer it again. Your new answer and the date you wrote it will appear in your SoulLog along with your original answer and the date you wrote it. You can answer any question as many times as you like.

Q: How do I watch a Meditation video again?

A: Paste “” in your browser address bar (without quotes). Log in or if you are already in the course, go to the Chapter Navigator at the top right. Click “Exercises” in the chapter with the Meditation you want. Then click JOURNEY ON through the pages to the Meditation you want to repeat. (links in the Chapter Navigator take you to the Main Video. The Exercises links take you to the Welcome-to-the-Chapter-Exercises page. From there you can Journey On to any page in the chapter.)

Q: My videos don’t play right. They don’t start, get stuck, etc.

A: If you can watch videos on YouTube, you will probably have no problems enjoying the full beauty of the Authentic Power videos. If not, make sure that you have an up-to-date Web browser. We recommend the latest version of Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

Here are some other notes that might be helpful:

    • Many video problems can be eliminated by clearing your browser’s cookies and cache. This process is pretty simple. Click on Help in your browser and ask how to delete cookies and cache. However, this will also delete passwords your browser has stored for you. (Just re-enter them as needed and they will be stored again).


    • A lot of people sharing your connection (such as at home, school, office, hotel, etc.) can cause video to pause and buffer.


    • Certain networks, especially corporate and government ones, block video streaming.


    • Wired connections in general are more reliable than wireless ones. The best wired connections are Fiber Optic and Cable.


  • A browser’s security settings (or activeX control settings on Internet Explorer) may block content from streaming.

If you have a problem that you can’t solve, we may be able to help you, but please keep in mind there are countless types of computers, some obsolete and some new, each configured differently, and each using different software and browsers. You may need to call a computer techie near you.

Q: A SoulSuport link doesn’t work.

A: Did you open a SoulSuport window and forget to close it? If so, it is still open under other windows. When you close the open window, the link will work again.

Q: I printed a Chapter Summary and now I can’t get back into the course.

A: To return to the course, click on the course window if you can see it, or close the” PDF-Chapter-x-Summary” tab at the top of your browser. Be sure not to close your browser window before you click Enter Answers into SoulLog in the bottom right of the window.

Q: How can I personalize my password?

A: From inside the course, click My Profile Settings in the left side box labeled Settings, then click Change Password. When you are finished, click Save Changes.

Q: How do I open the SoulLog?

A: Click the SoulLog link on the blue tab at the top of any text box, or click Continue to SoulLog at the bottom of any Congratulations page.