It was a joy to be with you in Chicago. This page will help you deepen what we discussed and
apply it now that
you are home.

—Gary Zukav &
Linda Francis

This is how you Create Deep Equality at home

  1. Go over each point in the first section above (What We Discussed). Do your best to recall that part of the talk.

  2. Print the Handouts and read each one. Really spend some time with them. If it is an exercise, do the exercise. If you only read about Equality, you will know about equality but you won’t ever experience equality.

  3. Every time you encounter someone, imagine yourself on the “Diamond Scale” and notice whether your tray is higher and you are looking down at that person (feelingsuperior), or whether your tray is lower and you are looking up at that person (feeling inferior), or whether your tray is level with the other tray (you are feeling equal). Don’t try to see if you are “feeling equal” “feeling superior” or “feeling inferior.” Just imagine being on the Diamond Scale and let yourself be surprised.

  4. If your tray is higher or lower than the other tray, consider the possibility that you are experiencing a frightened part of your personality, and that if you act on it, you will create unpleasant or destructive consequences. Then chose to act in a different, more healthy way than that part of your personality habitually acts.

  5. Do #3 and #4 as many times as you can remember today.

  6. Do #3 and #4 for another two days.

  7. Continue experimenting with #3 and #4 as long as you feel you might benefit from them.

  8. Explore this website! Check out the Free Tools, download the Spiritual Partnership Guidelines, come back often, and enjoy yourself.