Happy Birthday Gary

I waited a couple of weeks after Linda’s invitation to “feel” what I wanted to say before I sent my email. I am not sure how to put together so much appreciation and admiration in one email, but I will try. You have given me such a great gift. About 3 years ago I re-read Seat of the Soul. I was going through a lot of struggle around my career path and I felt very disconnected to my soul. You book opened up my eyes again to the truth of my being. I have been on the spiritual path for over 20 years, but felt like I went to sleep for a while. After reading Seat of the Soul, I read Spiritual Partnerships. Then everything changed. I left my work as a top producing real estate agent to go back to life coaching. I use your book, and what I learned about emotional awareness, for myself and with with my clients. It is a core theme in my coaching. (I always give you credit). I feel like the world needs this now more than ever, and I want to do my part to share the message.

I am still a work in progress (as we all are). However, I am truly grateful for the understanding and practical tools you have given me to deal with fear. I am always aware now that I have a choice… fear or love. Its not easy, but I know I am opening up to love more and more.

Thank you Gary. You are a blessing to us. Many more birthdays to you. 🙂