Dear Gary,

On the occasion of your 70th birthday I am choosing to take these moments to express my gratitude and joy in having the opportunity to share some of this Earth School with you.

In the mid-1980’s a dear friend gifted me with Seat of the Soul. I could not put it down and read it several/many times; turning pages, using different pens to underline or highlight passages that stood out to me. Every time I pick up the book and read it, after all these years, I am able to recall many of those moments of choice in my life when your words had me stop and make a conscious decision about ‘what next?”

At some point my dear friend and spiritual partner Linda Francis introduced me to you. I remember that first event in Maui and how it was a break away moment for me to make the decision to go in spite of all the pain I was feeling in my marriage. You (and Linda) have assisted me in so many ways these past almost 20 years and for that I am eternally grateful.

One thing – of the thousands – you have said to me continues to stand out for me (and I am paraphrasing)…’If I am looking for what I expect to see I will miss out on many wonderful opportunities’.

This is my reminder to always start my day with the intention to open my heart and see the world with the eyes of a ‘beginner’.
I am celebrating your Life!

Deborah Welsch Morrison

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