How wonderful for you to pull this together for Gary!

I have only been with the two of you once, in May in Chicago several years ago, but I do feel as though I know you and I have read and recommended your books and teachings to many!

One memory I have of Gary in Chicago is his interaction with a woman that was upset because her husband did not approve of her spending time and money to come to events like the workshop with the two of you. Gary was very present with her, over and over inviting her to challenge those frightened parts. The shock was for us all to discover that the husband had been dead for a good number of years!

When Spiritual Partnerships came out, I said, “I have been holding my breath waiting for this to come out while I feel as though I wrote it!”

The marvelous memory of being with you all on that day is wrapped around my sense of Gary as being a clear channel. It was as though his sincere intention allowed his personality to slip aside and his pure soul to express.

Thank you, Gary, for the gift you are to my world!

Happy Birthday.


“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
Mother Teresa