Hi Linda,

What a great way to honor and celebrate Gary and his incredible contribution to humanity….and to me. As you know I have known Gary for over twenty-years. We first met when I invited him to come to my (then) spiritual community. Reading his book the Seat of The Soul was a life-changing event for me and I wanted to share it and him with the world!

So, here I am so many years later, now a writer myself, with two successful books published by a mainline publisher (The Art of Being and The Art of Uncertainty), both of which Gary was so very generous to endorse for me. I am quite sure I would not have ever begun writing without his support and inspiration. There is no question about the impact he has had on me because it clearly shows up in my writings twenty-years later; his concepts regarding authentic power vs external power, and reverence, have truly altered my life. What I love most is the obvious ripple effect that moves through me and beyond me, touching countless others–all because of Gary’s Soul found its way to this planet seventy-years ago.

Gary…please know I love, respect, and cherish you as a teacher and friend. What a difference you have made.

Peace, Dennis Merritt Jones