It was a joy to be with you in Chicago. This micro-website will help you deepen what we discussed and
apply it now that
you are home.

—Gary Zukav

Here is what we discussed about Deep Equality

  • All personalities have parts that originate in fear (such as anger, jealousy, resentment) and parts that originate in love (such as gratitude, appreciation, patience).

  • The parts that come from fear always feel inferior or superior (one tray of the “Diamond Scale” is higher or lower than the other).

  • The parts that come from love always feel equal (the trays are level).

  • Therefore, you cannot experience equality when a frightened part of your personality is active.

  • You cannot choose when a frightened part of your personality will become active, but you can decide what you are going to do when it does.

  • The more you challenge a frightened part of your personality (by not acting on it), the more it loses its power over you. Eventually its power over you disappears (this is how you create authentic power).

  • As frightened parts of your personality lose their control over you, you begin to experience yourself and others as equals. This is a wonderful experience of belonging to the Universe.

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