Ester van Vuuren. South Africa

Dear Linda,

Thank you for calling me a spiritual partner. I do believe that I am also here on earth to make people aware of the wonderful life God gave us and that we must not forget why we are here. I was given Garys book by my shrink in 2009 I was used to my depression for years and crying in my bed everyday. My husband abused me so terrible for years I wished him dead and although he changed a lifetime ago I didn’t want to let go of my pain. So when the doctor told me in 2005 he is not going to live another year as he suffers from lung disease and lives with 10 persent to his lungs, I had to face my quilt and fear. He still lives I am taking good care of him as I am a professional nurse but I since I read seat of the soul I realized it is not enough and when he is bad I give him intuitive healing and believe me he is ok but inside him is still anger although he faced death so many times. I am giving people healing where ever I go . My country is going through so many challenges as crime rates is high and race conflicts is making is worse. I know my love for people will shine and noting is impossible. I was blessed to have red Gary’s book and so blessed to be able to received your message. Please tell him I say Happy Birthday on October!

From Ester van Vuuren. South Africa