Happy Birthday Gary! From the Netherlands

Dear Linda,

Because of my special feeling for You and Gary, I’d like to tribute a little message for Gary’s birthday as well.

“De zon stelt de manlijke energie voor, de maan de vrouwelijke energie.
En het hart bevindt zich daartussen.
Het hart is niet manlijk en ook niet vrouwelijk, en dat is de schoonheid van het hart: het hart is goddelijk,
het is manlijk noch vrouwelijk en het ligt precies tussen die twee.”

tao-soetra’s van Lu-tsu

“The sun, the masculine energy, the moon is the feminine energy.
And the heart is located between.
The heart is not masculine nor feminine, and that is the beauty of the heart: the heart is divine,
it is masculine or feminine and it is exactly between the two. ”

Dear Gary,

I have beautiful memories of our stay in Geneva together. It was such a pleasure to be with you and Linda for several days! I know that our “heart project” will lighten up the world. You have lighted up mine already! Hope to see You in the near future! Enjoy all the love and kindness on your birthday. You’re worth it!

Big hug, Evelien