Authentic Power Program


The Authentic Power Program is designed specifically for those who are committed to creating authentic power. Authentic power is the experience of fulfillment, joy, creativity, and full engagement in the present moment. It is the experience of having exactly what you need, knowing that your life has purpose, and knowing that everything you do serves that purpose.

Remaining with your inner experience is choosing to pursue authentic power.

—Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

It is also the experience of joyfully accepting yourself and others, creating with an empowered heart, and freedom from attachment to the outcome. Joy, creativity, and gratitude fill your awareness. Even when your experiences are difficult or painful, you strive to create harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life—the intentions of your soul.

Staying in connection with a community of spiritual partners and practicing what you have learned are important parts of the Authentic Power Program. For these reasons, the following is included in your tuition:

Gary Zukav and Linda Francis, spiritual partners

Three Workshops a Year

There will be three weekend workshops (Thursday evening through Saturday night) in each year of your program. You will have the opportunity to meet in person with your spiritual partners from this program and interact with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis.

Note that travel and accommodations are not included. However, five meals at each weekend workshop are included in your tuition.

Nine Monthly Conference Calls

Monthly calls with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis deepen and accelerate your understanding of the principles in The Seat of the Soul and Spiritual Partnership by applying them to your daily experiences. (Monthly conference calls do not occur during the month of an Authentic Power Program event.)

Weekly or Bimonthly Life Lessons

You will receive home study/practice assignments to help you look deeply at specific areas of yourself in order to change them. Each week, you will send in your written answers.

Participants in the Authentic Power Program

Access to Your Authentic Power Program Private Website

Through this private site, you will be able to connect up with other spiritual partners, post on community boards, and upload Word, audio, and video files to share. You will also find a growing number of practical tools to assist you in your journey to authentic power.

Support Within a Community of Spiritual Partners

Daily exercises, experiments, meditations, journaling, and intention-setting develop awareness of your everyday experiences as opportunities for spiritual growth. You can share these experiences on the Authentic Power Program PRIVATE section of our website. (You will be given a login and password, and be able to ask for feedback and support from your community of spiritual partners.)