Authentic Power Program

Authentic Power Program


Experience the most in-depth and comprehensive program for learning to create authentic power on the planet! Discover the path to transformational spiritual growth in this three-year extraordinary journey with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis.

Spiritual Partners in Authentic Power Program

What our participants say:

Once I started learning about myself and what was going on inside of me, my world started to change. And I think that possibilities open up that I could have never conceived or thought of before.”
Capitola, California
This journey’s been amazing as I’ve finally learned to love myself. I can actually turn around and love somebody outside of me and really actually understand what’s going on between us instead of reacting to old stimulus and old patterns…we can reinvent ourselves; I can reinvent myself as a person and as a couple.”
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Participants in the Authentic Power Program

Spiritual partnership is really connecting, soul to soul, and for me it’s about caring about the person that I’m interacting with enough to say the things that are important to say and for me to look at my own self. What am I doing, what am I contributing in this interaction? Before I was in the authentic power program, I was always blaming everyone else and I didn’t even know it was blaming. I just thought that this is the way things are.”
NYC, New York
Your heart grows through practicing using the spiritual partnership guidelines, and it’s beautiful that you can be a spiritual partner with anyone…”
Ribaldi, Oregon
By using the spiritual partnership guidelines, by committing, by using my courage, by learning about compassion, by practicing communication, healthy communication and action, I have transformed my life…I’m very happy and pleased and joyful to say that my life is different now. My life is beautiful. I’m happy to be alive.”
Lawrence, Kansas

“Authentic power, to me, is in one word: it is freedom…In two words: freedom and love.

—Authentic Power Program Participant

Change. Possibilities. Authentic Power.

Tuula Fai, an Authentic Power Program participant, wrote an article for Bella Spark Magazine, describing her experience in working with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis at the Seat of the Soul Institute. In this article “I Choose Love,” Tuula reveals the powerful change that has happened in her life through using the spiritual partnership guidelines and creating authentic power (choosing love).

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