Happy 70th Gary

Dear Gary,

You are the true meaning of the phrase “Let your Mess, be your Message”,
You give people hope, and faith in knowing that anything is possible if you
choose to live your Authentic Self and realize your Authentic Power.
You choose to live in Love….love is always the way. Want to take this opportunity to thank Linda who invited all your beloved fans an opportunity to share in this amazing MILESTONE in your LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy 70thBello……………………are you sure, you only look 55…,, lol

Gary l love the way you present your spiritual insights, and want to say you are a
Blessings to this harden world, thanks to your mother for having had you, this world would not be the same without you in.

Have you been told today, that you are an amazing beautiful soul.
Have you been told today, because of you, this world is a better place,
Have you been told today, you are what love looks like
Have you been told today, you are truly GOD’S GRACE
Have you been told today we all join in to celebrate your LIFE!!!!!!

I wish you many…many…more years of cheers, Laughter, love
abundance of health and God Grace and Blessings
God’s gifts are amazing, you happen to be one of them.

You have been on my “BUCKET LIST” for 20 odd years, it would be a dream come true
to be in the presence of such HOLINESS from the bottom of my HEART!!!

Cheers, forever grateful
Francesca Bennati
Toronto, On