I invite everyone who has known Gary for a short or a long time, or who has been touched by Gary in any way, to participate in Gary’s 70th Birthday celebration and welcoming him into his eighth decade in the Earth school.

This page will display what you want to say to Gary in a letter, poem, audio or video recording, photo, drawing, etc. Please email your sharing to me at as soon as you can. I will post it here so Gary can enjoy it, and so everyone can participate in this celebration as a community that has been touched by or connected with Gary. Gary’s birthday is October 17, but we will be celebrating for a while. Don’t be shy. Please send your contribution any time before or after. It is precious and appreciated.

I would love for you to send a photo of yourself with your sharing. If you want to add your photo to a sharing you have already submitted, please resend it with your photo attached.

Let’s make this a global celebration of the significance of this one human life, and through doing that, begin to celebrate each of us in the same way and see one another as powerful and precious souls.


We Are Completing the Beautiful Celebration
of Gary’s 70th Birthday

It has been such a special time to read, listen to and see your contributions and most of all to feel the loving energy you have sent Gary’s way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

There were so many we were not able to post them all, however Gary seen, heard, read and most of all he has received them all in his heart.

I have a few more precious photos of Gary, of Gary and me and of Gary and our family that I would like to share to complete this celebration.

Our Spiritual Partnership Ceremony

A Message from Gary

Community of Love



(New celebrants are added frequently)

Last Update: 12/11/12 ~ 12:35pm PT


~ Gary celebrating Halloween in Ashland, Oregon USA

~ Signe K. from Florida

Happy Birthday Gary,

It must be over 20 years ago now that a friend said to me, “You have GOT to read this book…” That book was The Seat of the Soul. I have read it a number of times, have purchased and given away many copies because I felt it was so important. I think I’ve read all of your books now. To this day, when anyone asks me what my favorite book of all time is, I tell them it’s The Seat of the Soul. It was fundamentally moving and transformative, as changeful as I allowed it to be, which varied from year to year as I raised children, went through my own life journey, and continue to pursue spiritual evolution. Thank you for the many gifts you have given the people who could hear and understand. I am grateful for your presence in our shared sphere.

Signe K.
Cape Coral, Florida

~ Jackie McDaniels

Happy Birthday Gary!!

Seat of the Soul was the first book to shine the light to becoming my authentic self. I am still practicing and still grateful for the journey from then to now. You are a gift. Your wisdom and the beauty of your authentic self are much needed in this world. Blessings.

Jackie McDaniels

~ Margaret

Dear Gary,

Your show with Oprah with the grieving parents of a child and the child’s deceased twin inspired me and changed my view of death. This transformation for me assisted me with my work as a grief counselor, and so Gary’s work continues on.

Thank you, Gary, and continued long life so the Universe can benefit from your presence.

Love and Peace,

~ Les Hathorn

Every Blessing for your Birthday from the slopes of Table Mountain,Cape Town

~ Gary and birds on Mt. Shasta

~ Pierre Loving from California

Hello Gary,

You do not know me nor probably many of the lives you have changed and touched with your book, the Seat of the Soul. The book is timeless and so helpful if one adopts what you have shared. I thank you for this and the warmth, caring and spiritual lessons that you bring to the world with your beliefs and teachings. I gift this book whenever the occasion presents itself.

Best wishes to your beloved spiritual partner Linda and know I honor you on your 70th birthday for the change you have brought to the world.

Pierre Loving
Oakland, CA


~ Terri

Happy Birth Day Gary.

You share the same birthdate as my father, however he is 84 years young! He gave me your book earlier this year (Seat of the Soul). He said, ” I have found you in this book”. “stay true to yourself and never let anyone take your power”. It has changed my life. ( I am a Contractor, Native American & Woman Owned – it has been very challenging! )

BTW my BDay is on the 21st.

~ Nancy Branstetter

I wish you the best celebration of life possible Gary for your 70th year. Funny how we are celebrating your birthday and I feel I’m the one who has received many gifts from you! Here are some I can list:

Your introduction to the Perennial Classics Edition of The Dancing Wu Li Masters where you state ” I knew it would be published and that it would be very well received.” is now my mantra as I write my first novel.

I and everyone are recipients of the healing ceremony performed at the Day of Tikkun in San Francisco.

The video clip of your explanation to the parents of baby Ryan on Oprah’s website is an inspiration to me. I affirm that I will some day be able to communicate as graciously as you and that my words will be received by others to open their understanding of how our energy and intention work.

The gift of true definitions of intention and purpose.

Thank you Gary for the best gift I can give you is playing it forward – to teach others what I have learned from you and all the teachers I have learned from. (All the guests Oprah has interviewed on her Soul to Soul Series and now on Super Soul Sunday.)


Nancy Branstetter

~ Stefania Magidson

Dear Gary,

I am 45 years old and I read “The Seat of the Soul” when I was 23, while working toward my Masters in Applied spiritual Psychology at the university of Santa Monica. While reading it, I was exposed to new paradigms that open new worlds for me and major shifts have occurred in my consciousness. The Seat of the Soul became my bible for many years and I still continue to pick it up now and then and try to penetrate the life changing notions you gifted us, in yet even deeper ways. Since then, I got married, brought two beautiful souls into the world, and for the past 10 years I have run an organization that offers college scholarships to Romanian orphaned and abandoned children. Through all these years, your notions about the invisible laws of the universe stayed with me and affected every aspect of my life…and so many of them I ended up passing on to my family and friends and to the Romanian youngsters who do not feel like victims anymore, but like strong warriors able to overcome their past and heal misidentifications of long held, disempowering beliefs. Please be assured that your gift to humanity has touched many, and the profound and long lasting ripple effects are way beyond what you may imagine…I hope your birthday was filled with joy and love and I hope you continue to inspire us by doing Spirits’ work.

Love and Light, Stefania Magidson

PS I am including a photo of myself with some of the Romanian orphans in our organization’s programs; they too have been touched by your work, as we have worked closely with them and implemented many of the notions learned in “The Seat of the Soul”

~ Stefania Magidson with Romanian orphans

~ Anne Handel

I start my day like a prayer listening to Gary and it sets me on a path of non judgment for the day and an compassion for mankind and myself. I first saw Gary on Oprah many many years ago. I bought his CDs and have listened to him every day in my car. The more I listen the more I learn. I understand more as I grown. Sometimes one idea resonates more then another. I love Seat of the Soul and Dancing masters. Gary’s voice in my ears is line a meditation. I have given many gifts of the CD s, to change others lives

Thank you Gary Zukav you have changed my life.

Anne Handel
I was born in South Africa and now Australia and Gary has travelled with me.

~ Kirstin Radasch

Dear Gary-

Happy Birthday to a dear bright light on this planet! I first read your book “Dancing with the Wu Li Masters” over 20 years ago. Wow. “Seat of Soul” was dog eared and well loved very sooner after. I must have gifted that book to over 40 people, and still going! While I cannot tell you exactly what you said that helped me be a better human or how exactly you reached me, I can say that your wisdom must, by now, be in the very fibers of my being. Thank you for co-creating with me. What a blessing, truly. I hope you know that you indeed did make a tremendous difference in this person’s life. You are incomparable to other teachers ~ and I am talking over 25 years of being on this amazing journey with many brilliant authors and teachers…Ever have tough days? Well my dear, please know that you have made such a difference in so many lives. You have touched so many hearts. You have gifted us all with such a wise perspective on life that it is simply inexplicable. I hope, on those tough days, you are quickly reminded of your spirited and deeply loved presence on this planet.

As far as your birthday – THANK YOU FOR BEING BORN!!! And what an amazing wife you have to share this wonderful day with! You completely and totally rock.

with much love,
Kirstin Radasch

~ Gary and the Butterfly

~ Tony

Some 10 years ago, while travelling on business one evening at my hotel room I turned on the TV and Oprah was on. I usually never watched Oprah but my wife watched her religiously. That evening there were some 7 ladies talking about books that changed their lives. I had read 2 of the books that the panel were talking about. Your name came up when two said that it was The seat of the soul that changed their lives. Till then I had never heard of you. Anyway call it coincidence but when I got to the airport next day they were moving the Cole book store and on a shelf outside there was your book of which I purchased. I tried to read it on the flight back home and could not get into it; so I put it away. A week later I pick it up the book and found it actually pretty good. I thought to myself I should get my partner a copy of another book which you wrote. So I went to our local book store and as I looked for the book in the psychology section, where your book was originally at Cole’s I could not find it, So I decided I would go to my local book store where I normally go, to get the book. As I begin to walk away and take a turn in the aisles, a book fell off the shelf behind me, I was going to walk away, but something told me to pick up the book. The book that I picked up was the Heart of the Soul.

That was my sign to begin to read your books. I have found inner peace and look at my fellow travellers as partners today seeking answers to whom we are.

So I thank you for opening my heart to what can be…Live long so you can continue to touch many more in your travels….

~ Christine Robbins

A wish from Perth, Western Australia

Happy 70th Birthday Gary. This greeting is coming from Perth Western Australia, with great gratitude for having “met” you years ago on the Oprah Show. Your way of teaching and guiding has been instrumental in my life, as I worked through my late husband’s cancer journey, and moving into a space of conscious dying. Your books helped us both, and continue to help me still, as I work with people who have cancer.

May you have a wonderful celebration……….and may you be granted many more years of “doing the work”

With love and deep gratitude.
Christine Robbins

~ Rebecca from Kansas City

Hi Gary,

I am so grateful to be able to participate in wishing you a Happy 70th. (Great idea, Linda!) Wow, where do I start in telling you how you have impacted my life? I didn’t realize how significant your life has been to me, until trying to articulate it in a letter. It has been difficult to not get to wordy. In short, Gary, I want to thank you for following the call of your heart because it has blessed my heart. Thank you for teaching me that to love means to be equal, not inferior or superior. Thank you for teaching me that painful emotions are there for a reason and that I can utilize this experience for spiritual growth. Thank you for being real – authentic. By doing so, I am learning to be real and authentic. The experience of these teachings cause me to realize that I am not alone, we are not alone. Regardless of our titles, status, accomplishments or lack thereof, we are one, here on this planet for a common purpose. These things and so much more, Gary, you have imparted into my life. I sincerely, thank you. Happy Birthday, Gary!

With much love,
Rebecca from Kansas City

~ Rebecca and Gary Journey to the Soul retreat July 2012

~ Terry Cena

I hope you had a birthday filled with laughter and lasting memories, and that you were surrounded by the beauty of loved ones.

I am currently unemployed, but because of your teachings, I am not scared. I saw this as an opportunity to spend quality time with my husband and sons, as well as my parents. I am grateful for this opportunity to improve my health, since my job was so stressful. This break in employment also allows me to drive my elderly friend to appointments and the grocery store. And because I understand that difficult times offer learning, I know not to equate my worth with my employment status. I could not have come to this realization without reading your books. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. You’ve been a great inspiration to me.

With appreciation,
Terry Cena

~ Sharon Petersen

Dear Gary and Linda,

Continuing on from my birthday message to you Gary, attached is a poem I have recently written which I feel epitomises your teachings for me…

Thank you always,
with my love and thoughts,
Sharon Petersen

Read Poem

~ John Eivers

Happy Birthday Gary,

With love and Best wishes from your student and follower John Eivers, what an inspiration you have been in my life.

You helped me be more open with my parents and clearer and braver about my soul’s purpose for my life, even if I still have a long way to go to complete my tasks hear on the Earth school, like overcoming fear and addictions and applying myself more. Hopefully I will get them done and learn to ‘live fully, love openly and make a difference in this life’ as Brendan Burchard says…Read More

I wish you health, wealth, happiness and a long long life ahead! John Eivers

~ Paashi

Dear Gary,

Thoughts of Gratitude on your 70th Birthday

Listening to your voice on Oprah’s show years ago, an instant chord was touched. A sense of reverence and trust was felt for your voice through your books and website. Evolving vibrations threaded to weave a tapestry of soulful knowing. With my heart and soul resting on this wisdom tapestry I evolve and hum the evolutionary song of the Multisensory Being. A sacred wordless song of mystical Love and Reverence for us all.

With Gratitude , I wish You Happy 70th Birthday and Many More.

With Love,

PS: I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing you and Linda at BraveHeart Women’s RISE 2012 in LA.

~ Amanda Otiso

Your words and your message have completely changed me and in turn changed my life. I can remember as a young adult praying for a deeper understanding of spirituality. I had this feeling that there was more to it. My prayer was answered, although I didn’t know it yet, on the day I saw you on Oprah for the very first time. I very rarely watched Oprah, so for me to be watching Oprah on that day was unusual. I can remember being in my parents living room, sitting on their sofa and being glued to the tv listening to your message…Read More

~ Grace

Read More

~ Grace

~ Kathy Schweikart from Illinois

I am blessed to be here now because I have been able to learn from you through your writings and Oprah show appearances. Thank you for the knowledge you share with all of us.

Kathy Schweikart
Naperville, Illinois

~ Robert Sozi from the UK

Happy Birthday Daddy Gary!


I celebrate you, your a daddy to me and as you celebrate you , you have shared so much in your book and helped understand life is self in a better way. One thing for sure you are a blessing to me and i thank you from the bottom of my blessed.

Robert Sozi UK

~ Joyful Gary and the Golden Gate Bridge

~ Karen

Hi Gary:

I will like to thank you for your contributions to society. I’m a great fan and read The dancing Wu Li masters, the seat of the soul and currently reading spiritual partnership. A friend lent me the seat of the soul and i must say it was the first book that awaken my spirit. Since that small seed was planted by you I been doing inner work and I must say I’m a new person growing spiritually. Thank you for writing these books, the dancing Wu it’s a master piece, I read it a year ago and it’s just validated to me that our thoughts and emotions influence the outcome of our lives based on scientific perspective . I’m starting spiritual partnership and I’m sure i will find great tools to align personality with my soul. My goal is to live my days out of that space and make conscious decisions that will benefit our community. Looking forward to here you on Saturday and perhaps you and Linda can sign my book.

God bless you and continue to share your knowledge with all of us. To me you are one of the pioneers if the awareness, consciousness movement and I’m honor to be able to write this email to you. Have a wonderful b-day and lots of unconditional love to you and Linda.

~ Kristen Richardson

Happy 70th Birthday Gary!

I chose to send this on the date you entered the earth school. If I were to pick one person that has supported me in this life the most, I choose you Gary! Since the age of 23 when I first saw you on Oprah and began experimenting with Creating Authentic Power, you have supported me with Creating my Life! Every aspect of my Being has been touched by you. It is challenging for me to feel how special you are to me without weeping. The gratitude for your existence runs deep in me. What words are there to express appreciation for someone teaching you how to Live? Through me, not only have you touched me, but you touch everyone I touch, my children, my family, every client I encounter, every being I pass and recognize with awareness, every person I love without fear, this his how the world is united as One. I could go on and on….I would rather send you the energy of saying “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”

I love you Gary!

Kristen Richardson

~ Kristen at Authentic Power Program event

~ Jean Houston

Dear Gary,

So you are finally turning 70! I reached that age five years ago and let me tell you, that is when Life really begins! Having the breadth of life behind you, you are now allowed full access to the depths. My memories of you are funomenal. You don’t probably recall this, but years ago, you found my brother Robert Houston, wandering around lost, in his first trip to San Francisco, and kindly took him on a tour all over that grand city in your red car. Now that’s the workings of a Mensch. For those what are reading this and not familiar with Yiddish–a mensch is a full person. A mensch is the opposite of a Nebbish. A Nebbish is someone who, when he enters the room, you feel as if soeone has left. But with a mensch like Gary, ahhh, when a Mensch walks down the street, even the sidewalk gets happy…Read More

~ Jill Butler from New York



I recently recevied a copy of your your book from GOD…NO seriously GOD brought it to me to read. I was more than moved and more than touched by your words. Arch Angel Michael brought me to a place where two people were praying for hope…for an answer from God and their angels. I surrendered as I have many times to drive to this place I had never gone and didn’t know why but did it. I met a gentalman named Curtis and a woman named Kirstin…Read More


~ T. Byram Karasu, M.D.

Dear Gary—

The impact on the world of your extraordinary soul has been profound and radical. Your loving grace empowers every person you touch with a liberating soulfulness as you offer a dramatically different alternative: authenticity. I join the global celebration of your 70th birthday with immense joy and love, and wish you a long and healthy life with your spiritual partner, Linda.


~ Gary with Mom Lorene on his motorcycle in San Francisco

~ JefriLynn

Dear Gary,

Your book “The seat of the soul”…changed my life or better put saved my life. This was the seed I needed to open my heart and soul to the life I was meant to have. Thank you for being born.


~ Happy Birthday, Gary

I feel like I know you for years, Gary, though we’ve never met. I first read your book THE DANCING WU LI MASTERS many years ago and the wisdom of your words touched me and influenced me. Now I read your Facebook posts. They reignite a spark within me. You posts remind me of the wisdom within me. I thank you for keeping me on track. I wish you a Happy Birthday. I am so pleased that you are in my life. Know that I value you and appreciate all you do.

~ Katie

Happy Happy 70th Birthday and thank you for your words…


~ Prema

Dear Gary,

Happy Birthday to you! I wanted you to know that you have made a positive difference in my life. Your books are inspirational; your wisdom sets our vision on a higher plane. Your presence on the earth school is much appreciated.

I wish you many more years of earth school life – so you may inspire many others to grow towards LIGHT and LOVE.


~ Ginny Baxter

Dear Gary,

Happy Birthday!

One of my favorite’s. There is something magical about it, don’t you think?

“Perfection is not a frozen death, or a lifeless completion.
It is beauty continually unfolding.
It is creativity in motion, always in the service of compassion and wisdom.
It is joy expressing itself without limitation.
It is movement.” (Gary Zukav)

The phrasing seems to move the meaning, the mind, along. It makes clear statements, but manages to feel poetic, as well.
It speaks without always using the words–judgment, guilt, forgiveness, awareness, freedom, choice.
Packed with energy, it creates the urge to breathe deeply and exhale with relaxation, propelling movement in body and thoughts.

Thank you.

–Ginny Baxter

~ Herman Lijftogt from Holland

Dear Gary, Dear Linda,

Congratulations Gary with your 70th birthday, congratulations Linda with your Gary. Our meeting in the Omega Institute in Costa Rica is still carrying me through lots of turbulent phases of my life. Though some people recognize my courageous way of living, maybe more people try to convince me of the contrary. I learned a lot from you both and remember our meeting there very well. It keeps me going my way. Thank you, and I hope ever to meet you again.

Herman Lijftogt

~Herman Lijftogt our friend from Holland

~ Darlene

You have changed my life forever after reading your book the Seat of the Soul. You have been a true blessing to me. When I pass from this earth, I plan to leave a box of some of my favorite things to each of my three sons. And in each box will be a copy of Seat of the Soul. HaPpY bIrThDaY tO yOu! And I pray you have many, many more! When are you coming the the DC area? I’d love to hear you speak.

Blessings to you,

~ Sharon Jones

For Gary on His 70th Birthday

There is a segment of my Toastmasters meeting that is called Table Topics. This is when a few members are chosen randomly to come one at a time to the podium. Once at the podium, the member is asked an equally random question and is to talk for a few minutes on that subject (or if you are like politicians, switch to something you do want to talk about). The object of this exercise is to become better able to think and respond quickly…Read More

~ Deborah Welsch Morrison

Dear Gary,

On the occasion of your 70th birthday I am choosing to take these moments to express my gratitude and joy in having the opportunity to share some of this Earth School with you.
In the mid-1980’s a dear friend gifted me with Seat of the Soul. I could not put it down and read it several/many times; turning pages, using different pens to underline or highlight passages that stood out to me…Read More

~Deborah Welsch Authentic Power Program event Ashland Oregon USA

~ Keshni

Dear Gary

Happy 70th birthday to you and many happy returns. I am so blessed to have listened to your teachings. You have changed my life for the better. You have opened my eyes to the true meaning of life and helped me to understand my journey in this earth school. You have saved my life many times. Everytime I lose my way you always bring me back on the path to authenticity. Thank you for all that you do. You are an inspiration!

Lots of love and gratitude,

~ Del

Happy Birthday Gary!

Even though our paths have crossed only recently, I am VERY excited to celebrate with joy and gratitude ALL 7 decades of your life here on earth. I continue to be inspired by the ways in which you and your spiritual partner Linda share insightful wisdom with others, and how you choose to cultivate love for all other souls without exception. I appreciate the ongoing evolution of spiritual partnerships, and the courage that it takes daily to create authentic power.

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow. “Mary Anne Radmacher

With love,

Del – ( APP Del)

Enjoy your next 70 years!

~ Janna

What a lovely idea to celebrate Gary. I attached a card that Rick and I made together.

love to all at Seat of the Soul

~ We love Gary

Click Image to View Larger Version

~ Josh O’Dwyer from Australia

Happy 70th Gary!!!

When I was about 17, my mother would sometimes come into my room early in the morning before school and read parts of The Seat Of The Soul to me. She had seen Gary on the Oprah TV show in our town in Australia and bought the book. Although I was half asleep with my eyes closed I understood much of the teachings, as they rang true for me. My mum was reading me parts that she had particularly resonated with, or had questions about and wanted to discuss with someone. We would chat about it. My mother was open and exploring spirituality…Read More

~ DJ

Happy Birthday Gary!!!

I think of you often and the gifts your soul has shared with me. Everyday is a Birthday worthy. Have fun today, tomorrow and the days after. I look forward too seeing you soon when we can share together again.

With Love, DJ

~ Sally Penley

Happy Birthday, Gary!

Oh Gary,

You have inspired so many with so much. I am a calligrapher and here are some of your words that have inspired my work:

Click Image to View Larger Version

Thank you, thank you…and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Still so much to do and be grateful for at 70 (the “new 40”).

With love & gratitude,

Sally Penley

~ Marcel DesRochers

Dear Gary,

I would like to acknowledge you and your partner as a force of authenticity helping ignite and maintain movements towards higher levels of consciousness on the earth. I am with you in anticipating the manifestation of a tipping point of higher consciousness in the world. Love, clarity, understanding, cooperation, and mindfulness for good.

Thank for your dedication to the unveiling of truth, with such sweet high purpose.

Marcel DesRochers

~ Addarose Breckenridge Smolenski

YES!!! The World celebrates your 70th!!!!

Dear Gary,

It is such an honor and privilege for me to have this opportunity through your wonderful Linda’s invitation to celebrate the Great Day You were Born!!
What an incredible Blessing You Are and have been to Humanity!! What a special day it was for me, when a long time ago I watched Oprah and saw and heard you speak! I was extremely touched by the most humble human voice I had ever heard in my life and I immediately felt and knew, what an incredible and very special person you were and are!! May I keep learning from YOU to live a humble Life!! I thank the Universe for your existence!! and I deeply thank you for all your soul sharing and teachings!!

You are such a Beautiful couple!!!! With Love and Gratitude,

Addarose Breckenridge Smolenski

~ Cynthia

John Soderberg and I love you and are so grateful that we got to spend a bit of time with you at Tru foods in Los Angeles and in your and Linda’s relationship workshop. We wish you every blessing and may all your birthday wishes come true.

Thank you for being willing to be available to help others.

Love you,


~ Cyn & Gary at dinner with Linda and Judith Orloff

~ Ana from Argentina


All my love and respect from the south of the south! Here in Argentina I use “el Asiento del alma” The seat of the soul for science of mind classes. Gracias for your poweful consciousness,


~ Katharine Ross

Dear Gary,

Happy Birthday!! I first read Seat of the Soul 12 years ago, when I was on holiday in Menorca and it completely changed the way I live. Thank you so much for everything you have given to the Earth School, I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

All my love,
Katharine Ross

~ This is a photo of me. Happy Birthday again.

~ Sharon Pearsall

Dear Gary

Happy Birthday to one of the Greatest Souls on earth. My husband and I came to you and Linda At Omega (for spiritual partnership) It was a gift to us, and our marriage. I thank you for what you have done for Me and my family , and friends.

Sending you much Love today
Sharon Pearsall

~ Louis Asher

Your words for the last 13 years have made me want to be a better person , a better human being . You are a true inspiration . Have a wonderful birthday Gary.

Love to you sir,
Louis Asher

~ Jill

Happy Birthday

So happy to have read your email in time to send you my warmest wishes to add to the mountain of love generated by your special day. thank you for all you have given and for what is yet to come.

with love,

~ Debbie Fricke from Arizona

Dearest Gary,

I just saw that it was your birthday recently and I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays … albeit belatedly. I have so appreciated your work over the years and your shared insight, suggestions and inspiration have meant a lot to me. I bought the book Seat of the Soul many years ago but it took me many years before I was ready to read it. At the time I bought it I was searching for something spiritual. I was also at the time heavy into alcoholism. I was able to get sober at the age of 34 in 1994 and it was a rough journey. Three years into sobriety I began remembering abuses from childhood…Read More

~ Debbie celebrating

~ Jerry Ainsworth


A belated Happy Birthday – from a kindred spirit of many years ago.

Jerry Ainsworth

~ Lillian from South Africa

G’day Gary and Linda,

I would like to start by telling you how instrumental your books have been to my transformation.

I found Seat of the Soul in 1998 ( or rather the book found me) and read it at a time of great emotional and physical pain. I was scheduled for major surgery and my marriage needed an overhaul. I had been recording your tv appearances with Oprah and trying to get my husband to watch them, in the hope that he would “get it”. Unbeknown to me then, that was not my job – to try to change him! Read More

~ Kristen Lucero


To Gary Zukav–

The author of a book that has entered my life at a young age, and boggled my mind and soul completely. I first learned of your book from my mother, and was amazed from then on the power of your words and its impact on my life… It transformed my mind, my soul, my perception, and the illusion I was living in up until that point after picking up your book…Read More

~ Kristen Lucero

~ Julie Jones

Happy 7th decade Gary!

You were one of the first in my awakening. Seat of the Soul from one who told the story of his own awakening. I believe you were one of the first to go ahead and clear the path for those of us who needed guidance. Who needed guideposts along the road so we would know. So we wouldn’t be so lonely on the journey. Thank you for being a light “unto my path”.

Love to both you and Linda as you walk forward on your journey!

Julie Jones

~ Joseph Sugarman

Yes Gary, congratulations on reaching that milestone…..and thanks for all the good that you do….Joe

~ Heather

Birthday Message for Gary

Hi Gary,

Happy 70TH Birthday! What a beautiful sight to see so many people celebrating one bright soul. It warms my heart to see people from all over the world come together to honor harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for life.

Does this sound familiar?

‘Tell me who you are and what you want. If you think these are simple questions, know that most people live their whole lives without ever arriving at an answer…’

I’ve heard this message many times before, but chose not to truly hear it. I did not want to hear it. I did not want to be the one who did not know who I was or what I wanted. (And I definitely do not want to live my whole life without ever arriving at an answer!!!) Your words are gifts that challenge and inspire us all to be our authentic selves. Thank you for living your life moment by moment with integrity and grace. By being courageous in your own life you inspire those around you to do the same.

Sending you my love and appreciation,


~ Rhonda


May the moments you live today be more rich, expansive, and life altering positive in every way! With the years that pass so do the words, actions, and love of our souls. Wishing you all the best and many many more!

Happy Birthday,

~ Gary Harvey

Dear Gary,

Happy Birthday. I want to let you know that, your teaching and insights have influenced my life immeasurably. I first read Seat of The Soul in the early 90’s. At this time I had started what turned out to be a lifelong spiritual quest, nurtured by many teachers but, few with as concise and direct impact as yours. It took me along time to find Conscious choice but, when I did the impact on my life was and is exponential…Read More

~ A beautiful, funny and authentic moment at Authentic Power program event.

~ Diane

Happy Birthday!

You are the one who first introduced me to the spiritual life. I will forever be grateful to you. I have read the Seat of the Soul so many times, and each time come away with a deeper understanding.

Wishing both you and Linda birthday wishes….!

Thank you for being.

~ Phil

I have multiple sclerosis and your books have helped me deal with it alot…

~ Francesca Bennati from Toronto

Dear Gary,

You are the true meaning of the phrase “Let your Mess, be your Message”, You give people hope, and faith in knowing that anything is possible if you choose to live your Authentic Self and realize your Authentic Power. You choose to live in Love….love is always the way. Want to take this opportunity to thank Linda who invited all your beloved fans an opportunity to share in this amazing MILESTONE in your LIFE! Read More

~ Francesca Bennati from Toronto, On, Canada

~ J

Happy Birthday Gary!

Happy 70th Birthday Gary! Thank you so much for the contribution that you have been and that you are to humanity. I first read “The Seat of the Soul” when I was 18 years old! I am now 33 and the road of learning, challenges and wonder that it has opened up for me is unreal. I could go on forever but instead I will just say that you have changed lives, inspired change and authenticity in countless lives and you are doing what you came here to do… clearly. What could be better?? The gratitude that I feel for what you have shared (yourself, what you have learned, your fabulous intelligence and your soul) is beyond what I can put into words… thank you so very much for being you, Gary.

P.S. Thank you Linda for giving the opportunity to communicate this- this is wonderful!

Much love to you and yours,

~ Gary’s Partying!!

~ Pamela Mann

Happy 70th Birthday Gary welcome to a new decade in the Earth School! Greetings from Fredericksburg, VA. I am so grateful that you have chosen to share your love, compassion, wisdom and lessons learned with everyone so that humanity may benefit from them. Your facebook posts and newsletters, always come just at the right time and are exactly what I need to remember when they come across my desktop. I can’t wait to see what the next decade of your journey will create for you and those around you that you love and support…Read More

~ Pamela Mann

~ Becky Farina

Happy Birthday Gary!

Dear Gary,

I am so grateful that you are here in the earth school. Your teachings have been immensely helpful to me and have gotten me out of the darkness many
times. Your voice alone is very soothing to me. Thank you so much for all that you do in contributing to the healing of the world.

God bless you and Linda and happy 70th birthday!

Becky Farina

~ Eunice Lamb

I Send You Peace, Love, & Enlightenment

God determines who walks into your life…it’s up to you to decide who you let walk away, who you let stay, and who you refuse to let go!


Bless all people in whatever it is that you know they may need this day! May their life be full of your peace, prosperity, and power as they seek to have a closer relationship with you!

~ Bola Abimbola from Nigeria

Happy Birthday Gary

Wishing you a wonderful birthday! You are an inspiration and a special gift to the world, bringing hope and opportunities for personal reflection and growth. May you experience a renewed vigor and zeal for life as you turn 70. God bless you and regards to your family.

Bola Abimbola (Nigeria)

~ Bola Abimbola (Nigeria)

~ Ben Wei from Melbourne Australia

Dear Gary

Happy birthday. I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and love. I read you books 20 years ago when I was a high school student. Now I am a fully qualified physician, your work played a very important part of my personal growth.

Thank you so much. Best wishes to you and your family.

Ben Wei from Melbourne Australia

~ Kay Weeks

Poem: The Reversal (by Kay Weeks)

When all is night
With only tunnel
At the end of light,
Turn and go the other way.
Darkness at your back
And moving blind at first,
Unsure, the eyes not seeing,
Or seeing shades of gray,

Edging forward
Until fear begins to drop away,
Something opens now
And what it is, is you
And what was always there
And nothing more,
And it is you alone
But everywhere:
You are this new day.


~ Man watching beautiful sun – Rehoboth Beach, Delaware October 17, 2012

~ Sara M.


I was in a dark and dangerous place in 2006 when I happened to watch the Oprah show with you as a guest. I was not in any way looking for spiritual help or a path and had read other books from the Oprah show that never resonated but something about your message opened up a spark within me. I bought Seat of the Soul, read it and had so much connection with your messages. I have since been on the path of checking my intention and building partnerships.
I have since not had the effect of such a low dark place.

I just want you to know that I appreciate you and wish you a very joyous birthday. Thank you for sharing your gift. Your light shines bright.

Sara M.

~ Frédérique

Happy Happy 70th Birthday Gary,

I wish I could offer you as much as you have offered me…Your book “The Heart of the Soul” made quite a long (9 years) and complicated voyage before it reached me last December…Very often, when you make a discovery about yourself, you realise that you already knew what it was about, but you needed a new “angle” so that the light could reach that place. That is what you gave me. You helped me shine a light where it was needed, and I am immensely grateful for that. I send you and Linda lots and lots of love and happy thoughts.


~ Happy Happy 70th Birthday Gary – Frédérique

~ Umitarif from Istanbul, Turkiye

I met you via your book “Soul Stories”, it’s now key of my life. Thank you!
Wishing you a wonderful birthday and looking forward to learn more from you.

With best wishes

~ Babalwa from South Africa

~ Stuart Flower for me, you and all of us!

~ Winsome


I first came across Gary Zukav from his book “The Dancing Wu Li masters” and I thought to my self:”wow quantum physics is accessible! Fast forward a few years later I am going through a challenging time in my life and I was walking by this book store and I saw “The Seat of the Soul.” Later I saw Gary on “Oprah” discussing the work on Oprah. I just wanted to say, Thank you! It came at a time when I most needed it in my life and even though I did not get everything at once, there were many a times when I would go back to it as a reference. It was a great source of help and it was wonderful to watch the re-broadcast of Oprah and Gary on OWN. Thank you again for the work that you have done in raising our consciousness and your tireless efforts to help us become authentically empowered beings. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

~ Evelien from the Netherlands

Dear Gary,

I have beautiful memories of our stay in Geneva together. It was such a pleasure to be with you and Linda for several days! I know that our “heart project” will lighten up the world. You have lighted up mine already! Hope to see You in the near future! Enjoy all the love and kindness on your birthday. You’re worth it! Read More

~ Gary and Paulo Cohelo’s meeting in Geneva, Evelien is on far right

~ Nan


I am twenty seven years old. I came across your work rather recently, at a time when I was experiencing deep pain and suffering. Ever since I chanced upon your work, I have been hooked.
Just as exercise rejuvenates my body, reading your books, listening to your videos, and putting the advice to action has rejuvenated my personality. I have seen tremendous benefits of cultivating authentic power already. Thanks to you, I am now far from contemplating suicide or suffering in pain and sorrow…Read More

~ Rudi from Slovenia!

joining the river of love

Happy Birthday also from my side. Wish you all the best, like in your books, to choose love and be love in this moment. Thank you and also to Linda for all this books, I’m inspired, they are written on so easy and comfortable way, they really opening my hart & soul…are helping me to understand what it is happening around me and inside me…At the moment I’m reading “the heart of the soul”, and .. it is really showing.. breakthrough in perception. Once again, all the best and let God be with you.

Regards from Slovenia, small country in Europe,


~ The Mothership

~ Shirley Stephenson

Birthday Wishes

I first became aware of Gary Zukav when I saw him on the Oprah show discussing his book “Seat of the Soul”. There was something that resonated with me. I bought the book and tried to read it several times. I just couldn’t get into it. I was struggling with myself and my life situation and the book just didn’t seem to apply to me and my life…Read More

~ Christiaan Schoombee

Gary’s 70th birthday


Thanks for all your love. Through your writing, your spiritual guidance and your kindness you have made a huge difference in my life, and that of my family.
Happy birthday, and hope to meet you in person one day.

Christiaan Schoombee

~ Christiaan’s sweet son

~ Lanice from Michigan

Happy Birthday to you!

Mr. Zukav,

I read Seat of the Soul over 10 years ago. It was the first book I read about my spiritual self and it changed my way of thinking after that. I continue to battle with my addictions and I became disconnected from my spiritual self through the years. Today, I have decided to read your book again, I think it’s time to search within myself for the truth instead of
avoiding it.

Happy Birthday and thank you for your teachings. May the Universe continue to honor you and all of us!

Detroit, Michigan

~Jenni and Toni Risi from Sandton, South Afrca

Gary you have been an inspiration to us both since the reading of “The Seat of the Soul” . Our “Bucket List” No 1 is to spend time with you both and trust in the Universe that one day it WILL happen. We are slightly junior to yourselves 1945 babies. May you go from strength to strength in you spread of love and guidance.

Happy Happy Blessed 70th Birthday

~ Babalwa from South Africa

Peace and love!

Dear Gary.

The Bluest Blue! Sending you so much peace, love and joy on your birthday.

Happy Birthday Gary And thank you for being in our life.

Babalwa from South Africa.

~ Jewel Spalding

♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you…♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Gary♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Happy♥ ♥ ♥Birthday ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ To ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪!

Thank you for your teachings! I am grateful you were born! Many Blessings,

Jewel Spalding

~ Chyril Turner

Happy 70th Birthday!

Happy Birthday., Gary! Thanks for modeling a gentle, loving presence for all people!

Blessings and love,
Chyril Turner

~ Chyril Turner

~ Dianne Shumaker

Birthday Greetings

Hi Gary! I am very happy to be wishing you a Happy 70th Birthday today! It’s all so Happy: my thoughts of you, the wonderful energy you are creating in this world, your smile, the love you and Linda share, the ways you teach us to nourish the loving parts of ourselves instead of the fearful parts, your teaching us to see everyone else as souls who are learning their
lessons in this “earth school.” just as we are, your teaching that we cannot control our environment, only our response to it, etc. I know that I deal with fear now in so much healthier ways than before I met you.

Thank you Gary! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, with love,
Dianne Shumaker

~ Terri Kroeker

Dear Linda:

I would love to share my gratitude and the profound impact Gary’s and your teachings have had on my life. I really don’t think my marriage would have survived without learning and using these new tools. Seeing each other as equals, saying what’s most difficult to say and taking responsibility for our feelings – no blaming, are just a few that have changed how we relate to each other. Having the intention to create harmony, cooperate and share. My children see their peers differently, they can see that feeling superior or inferior are frightened parts. When they were younger I would get them to write lines when they would yell or hit each other “If my intention is to create harmony, hitting or yelling at my sister will not create harmony”. I have created a Spiritual Partnership group where we share theses tools to grow spiritually and have relationships with more meaning and depth. Thank you for these gifts and I hope your day is full of meaning and joy.

Terri Kroeker

~ Verne Fielder from Canada

Congratulations on your 70 Years in the Earth School

Hi Gary…

I read with interest as other folks speak about having heard of having met Gary so many years ago and the impact he has had on their respective lives. Maybe it is because I come from the cold confines of the far north that I have to admit I had never heard of Gary until the fall of 2011 when a friend of mine suggested I consider attending Gary’s evening lecture in Calgary. My immediate response was “Who is Gary Zukav?” Having said that, I did attend and very quickly discovered this incredibly gentle, insightful individual who truly spoke to my heart…Read More

~ Journey 2012 Verne with Linda and Gary

~ Cindy Dern


I get too many emails, yet every time I get yours, I pause to read your wise, clear words and thoughts. Thanks for truly making planet earth a better place.


~ Ryan Mathews from California

Happy Birthday Wishes…

Hi Gary,

I don’t know you but I love you! I heard about Seat of the Soul on an episode of the Oprah show about 10 years ago. I bought a copy but never read it completely. It wasn’t until I saw you again on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday that I went and bought another copy and actually read it all the way through. I watched that recent episode at least 5 times. The things you have to say are life changing and profound! I could listen to you talk all day long.

I just want to thank you for doing the work you do…so that I can work on myself. With you, I can get to know my inner self and make better choices that are in alignment with my highest self. You are a gift!

Happy birthday Gary!

Ryan Mathews
Long Beach, CA

~ Utasha T

…I came upon your book the seat of the soul, and while I was reading your book all I can tell you is that you changed my perspective of the world, and opening up my intuitive and artistic mind, since a very young age, and now I am a successful poet, at least a budding one, a photographer, a writer, a tarot reader, and a. Budding interior designer, I also attended feng shui workshops, angel workshops, and many others, and felt a deep cleansing of my personality…Read More

~ John Prater

Happy Birthday Gary.

You and Linda have been important in my life. I met you many years ago at Mile Hi Church, Denver – you held program on Emotional Awareness (or so I remember). I was privileged to assist in the conduct of the program, and following you had some of us with you on a personal level in a meeting room of the Church. You have helped many people Gary, including me. I am 71 years of age now – and knowing you and your works have made my life better. Happy Birthday again Gary, and thanks to both you and Linda for your Commitment to making this a better world.


~ Debra Lones from Florida

Hi Gary,

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to wish you a happy 70th birthday and to thank you for being a catalyst for change in my life. I remember driving down the road, many years ago, after reading Seat of the Soul and asking the Universe to find me where I need to be. You have been a wonderful teacher. From you, I learned about authentic power, trust, faith, and reverence, among other things. I connected with wonderful non-physical teachers and guides that have enriched my life beyond my wildest imaginings. I am a work in progress in this amazing Earth school and I love life! Thank you for your wisdom and for sharing it with the world.

Blessings and love,
Debra Lones
Gainesville, Fl

~ Blessings and Love, Debra Lones

~ Suann

Dear Linda,

I thank you for this opportunity to express my happy wishes on Gary’s 70th birthday. I wish you both lasting happiness together on this road. I send my love to you as well.

Your Friend,

~ Shirley Meerson from Kuala Lumpur

Dear Gary,

Wellness wishes for a great year ahead! A bow of thanks from my heart and soul for having you in my life.

Love Shirley

~ Shirley at the Qatar/ KSA border – 2010

~ Debra Basham

Celebrating Gary

How wonderful for you to pull this together for Gary! I have only been with the two of you once, in May in Chicago several years ago, but I do feel as though I know you and I have read and recommended your books and teachings to many! Read More

~ Rita

How poetic that you are calling it a global celebration..Gary Zukav’s life is a platform for spiritual awakening. I believe him to be an enlightened master.

I first read Gary’s book The Dancing Wu Li Masters as I was trying in a layman’s way to understand quantum physics….I became a fan…After Seat of the Soul he became a true spiritual guide. My grandmother was quite intuitive and I soaked up her knowledge in my formative years learning from a gracious lady. I carry her with me and talk to her in good times and bad. I am certain she is near and hears my cry for help and also my song of joy. I treasure the feeling of peace I have when I get quiet and feel her presence. Over the years I have felt that presence while reading Gary’s writings….many over and over and over again.

Happy Birthday to a powerful SOUL….


~ Marianne Williamson

~ Tina Deraco from Harrisburgh

Dear Gary,

I was introduced to you on the Oprah Show after you published “Seat Of The Soul”. I wasn’t new to spiritual depth, but you left such a profound impact on me that I ran out and bought your book as soon as the show ended. I’ve watched every time you’ve been on and chuckled with approval when Oprah dubbed you “Yoda”. Your “channel” is so pure and so clear I’m left only with awe and gratitude every time you speak. I never miss an opportunity to see you on the show. Thank you for coming into this earth walk and for sharing your understanding with all of us. I wish you much joy, continued love and a healthy longevity. Many blessings to my spiritual hero and wishes for a memorable birthday to usher in the decade ahead!

Love, Peace & Light,

Tina Deraco
Harrisburg, PA

~ Jan Gale

Happy Birthday, Gary

Hi Gary! Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the years that you supported me in the Authentic Power Program! I learned so much about myself, and I feel that, with all of the support that you and Linda offered, I was able to find my voice. The work that I did in the program has certainly given me the courage to take risks and explore and share my true gifts. I am so grateful to you both! Gary, your words have always held such deep compassion and love. That compassion and love is what I reflect back to you today, on your birthday, and on all days. I feel so honored to have known you in this lifetime!

With love,
Jan Gale

~ Elizabeth Swift

He made a difference in my life and the live’s my my family members. A photo I took is attached. I am an amateur. This is an angel statue I took. I wish him the happiest and most blessed of days and the year ahead. Thank you for all you have done!

~ Angel statue taken by Elizabeth

~ Raffi

70 sounds good!

Dear Gary,

Wanted to be early in wishing you a very happy 70th birthday!! May all you give to so many continue to bless them and bless you in every way.

With my love to you & Linda,


~ Derrick Wilkins

Happy Birthday,Gary!!

Thank You For Loving Life So Much,Thank You,Thank You,Thank You, It Feels Good To Know That Someone Cares About Life Period!! Happy Birthday!!!

~ Michael Stillwater

Dear Gary,

I am so grateful that our paths have continued to reconnect since first meeting you on Maui in 1990. Your openness to try new approaches to sharing your teachings prompted wonderful collaborations of music and spoken word, as well as participative and interactive experiences with those attending. Once you recognized the joy and transformative potential, you naturally embraced new ways of connecting in your approach. Meeting Linda was a joy, and having Doris meet both of you was a delight. It is astonishing to me, and very reassuring, to hear that you are turning seventy. You defy the stereotype which we culturally developed for what 70 is ‘supposed to’ look and be like. You offer a new possibility for all of us. Thank you for staying so purely true to your calling, and inspiring us all in the process.

~ Much love, Michael Stillwater

~ Nancy Todd

Dear Gary,

I am so grateful to be able to share in your 70th birthday party. I wish you the life choice you describe in your wisdom. I know going through all “my stuff” was and will continue to be a beneficial part of earth school, but, I am so glad you have shared the word of the true spirit of love, hope, unity, forgiveness and joy (to name a few that come to mind) with us that is ours eternally. I like it that your wisdom doesn’t seem to be anti anything. It is all about acceptance of our “faults” and others “faults” as a work in progress. We are to have a good heart in what we do and not concern ourselves with the outcome. Whenever I have a problem, I just go to my list of your quotes and I can always find a way of thinking that calms me, befriends me and gives me hope. Thanks so much.

Love, Nancy

~ Colin Slade


thanks for being such a good friend. GBY.

Love, Colin

~ Colin and Gary playing again.

~ Knut and Randi from Norway

Dear Gary,

Happy Birthday from Norway. We have been studying your books, and they have been very helpful to us, as we’ve been struggling in our marriage.

Thank you so much.

Best wishes from
Knut and Randi

~ Jack Powers from Quito, Ecuador

Thank you Gary

I remember working in a Walden Bookstore in 1990 and seeing The Seat of the Soul on the bookshelf in the New Age section. It never occurred to me to take a look at it, but eleven years later my sister-in-law lent me her copy and I did read it and it left me stunned. Gary, I am one of millions who have been helped by your books and other efforts and that’s a lot of Brownie points in Heaven. Thank you and I wish you all the best in decade number eight.

Un abrazo,
Jack Powers
Quito, Ecuador

~ GuruGanesha & Mata Mandir

happy birthday to a great soul


Happy 70th!! It was such a delight to spend some quality time with you and Linda earlier this year! Your hospitality was splendid and your teachings are making a HUGE difference in our marriage. Keep up the great work as the planet is so much the better for your magnificent life and contribution!

All Light and Love in Divine,

GuruGanesha & Mata Mandir

~ Bubs & Bubs – Joy is Blue

~ Gary ,GG and Linda Ashland 3 2012 after a concert

~ James Ubuo from Nigeria

Happy Birthday

Gary! I am James Ubuo by name. I read the seat-of- the-soul, i borrowed it from my friend. The book is very nice. I logged into google then i saw your birthday alert which will come up on October, 2012. The day you were born, keep on blessing the universe. Gary, it is with deep sense of celebration, that i reference the day you were born. You are bringing awareness to human environment. All i am wishing you is more sense of integration and healthier years ahead. As you celebrate your birthday, kindly remember your friends. Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

Light and Love,

Ubuo James.

~ Phyllis

Darling Gary’s Bday

Dearest Linda,

What a lovely surprise hearing your message . Hope this finds you both well and happy Yes and yes again … I would be happy to participate in any way to honor your Darling Gary’s Bday. Please give him and you a big hug For me. I think of both of you often with much love,

Phyllis. XoXoXo

~ Phyllis at NY Open Center event

~ Cristine Cardello

Happy Birthday Gary!

Dear Gary,

I first saw you on Oprah and was glued to my tv, bought your books, read and re-read them. it was the first time i heard of ” a spiritual being having a human experience”… that revelation really changed my life. i always knew i was on a spiritual path but hearing you speak resonated such truth! it opened and clarified my own path. i became more aware of energy and the work it can do . when my son, Adam (now 30) and his friends graduated high school i gave them each a copy of the seat of the soul. i thank you for sharing your journey, knowledge, experience and energy. My spirit loves your spirit and we all make a difference!

Cristine Cardello

~ Marika Jansson

Seat of the Soul

I had just purchased this book when my father died suddenly. On the long plane ride to Scandinavia I was able to read it. It made a huge difference to me as my father was an angry and judgmental person, an alcoholic. Because of this book I was able to see that he went to the front lines in the 1939 winter war at the age of 19 and returned 1944. He never discussed it but I once asked him on our Independence Day if he ever killed anyone and he nearly attacked me. I was able to, because of Seat of the Soul, after his death to see him through a completely different light. I was able to say: this ends with me and was free of all the baggage I was carrying. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GARY!

Marika Jansson

~ Gary and Linda Castle Lake Mt Shasta

~ Jay Wilms

Happy Birthday!

Greetings Gary,

I want to thank you for just being who you are. I have watched you as early as when you started being a guest on Oprah back in the day. I remember reading Seat of the Soul and thinking “Finally!” Your writings have helped me through some tough decisions as well and helped me forgive a few bad ones in the past. Knowing how to listen to my Authentic self and trust my intuition has been a great gift you have given me, as well as realizing that we are here to learn who we are and to live for today. I also now know to listen to my little voice. Which is never wrong. That is a big thing to learn. Glad I figured that out. She saved my behind a few times. LOL Seriously though, Thank you for helping me be a more enlightened human being.
May you have even more happiness in all your years to come.

Jay Wilms

~ Robbie McKelvey


Your book Seat of the Soul has helped me so much on my Spiritual journey. It has taken me years, I am 68 now, to realize that I am not just a human here on earth. When I began thinking of myself as a Spiritual Being having human experiences, it was like a fire whose flames filled my every inch of being. The alchemical process truly took place and I am thrilled. Thankyou for the enlightenment that you have offered so freely with your books, etc. You are truly a blessed individual and I am honored to feel the connection with your spirit. Happy Birthday and here is to many more…..

Robbie McKelvey

~ Gerard Cole

Happy Birthday Wishes!!! =)

Although I have never met Gary, I have been touched and so inspired by his writings and teachings to open my eyes and learn how to live the life I was meant to live and make the most out of my own time on the Earth School. Everyone comes into contact with everyone else for some reason or purpose and understanding his teachings makes that one profound thought so meaningful and correct! For that I want to wish Gary a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and say Thank You!!!

~ Roisin

Happy Birthday, Gary!!

Dear Gary,

Happy Birthday….the greatest gift I could give is LOVE which is exactly why I am writing. You have have contributed to the quality of my life—including my recovery from alcohol addiction—by sharing LOVE—the greatest gift in the world. Your commitment to love which you share in so many ways is a massive force in the ever expanding consciousness and evolution of the new species. Each and every aspect of healing is all about LOVE. Love truly is all one ever needs. Love is all there is.

With much love and appreciation,


~ From an Irish Supporter

Dear Gary

I was 17 when I first saw you on Oprah on the 26th of June 2000, in Ireland. My sister and I were just blown away by the show. Well done, thank you and happy birthday!

From an Irish supporter

~ C Pod

Happy Birthday Gary!!!

Hi Gary,

I have read your book, “The Seat of the Soul” four times and I have every intention on reading it more. I took it camping and read it to my Sweetheart and my puppies just last month. I sent a copy to my niece because she was having a rough time. I have since bought all of your books on a Gary Zukav shopping spree wave and am excited to read them at my earliest chance…Read More

~ Three generations of love with I hope more to come.

~ Georgina from Mexico

Thank you Gary!


Around some 15 years ago I received your book “The Seat of the Soul” as a gift from a very dear friend of mine. I was 27 then and reading it completely set me into a new way of thinking and view of life, and into a new search that has continued ever since…Read More

~ Judith Orloff MD

Dearest Gary,

You are a great soul, a great man, a great thinker, a great heart, a man full of love and dedicated to knowledge and service. I am honored to know you. Love on your birthday!

Judith Orloff MD

~ Pam Meyer

Dear Gary,

I am thrilled to be able to send my love and best wishes for a wonderful birthday! The past several years have been a blessing as I’ve grown to know you as a cherished teacher and spiritual partner. You’ve introduced me to an avenue for spiritual growth that I’ve not experienced before. Your generosity and gentle spirit have so touched my heart.

I am profoundly grateful!!

Namaste, Pam Meyer

~ Journey 2012 Pam and Gary

~ John Robbins

Dear Gary,

Happy 70th, brother. We all have cause for rejoicing thanks to the life you’ve lived and the wisdom you’ve brought to so many. Our world is more aligned with spiritual truths than it would ever have been without your work. With all the reasons we have to despair, with all the destruction we see around us, you continually remind us of the light within us and our ability to respond with compassion. You help us to find what Dr. King called “the kind of fire that water can’t put out.” You help us to live from our hearts.

Bless you, Gary. Bless this anniversary of your birth. Bless every moment that is yet to come.

With much love and admiration,

John Robbins

~ Janice

Dear Gary

What a wonderful gift for Linda to give you for your 70th year. When I read her invitation I was very touched and immediately put pen to hand (so to speak) because I’ve always wanted to say something to you…Read More

~ Gary Preparing to Celebrate!!

~ Donna Frantz

~ Rachel


Hi Spiritual Friends!

What a great honor it is to be a part of Gary’s 70th Birthday Celebration!!! Thank You Linda for inviting all of us! Gary, you have been a dear friend to me ever since I purchased Seat of the Soul many years ago. You’ve inspired me through your words and message. You elude such poise, humbleness and Love. Just being in your presence, through books, your web page or conversing with Oprah, makes me want to be a better Soul! And I have been, because of you…Read More

~ Grandpa Gary receiving a gift from 2 of his granddaughters

~ GG (Grandpa Gary) and Sydney and Cady 2009

~ Anthony

Happy Birthday Gary!

Gary I first of all want to wish you a Happy 70th Birthday! But Gary I sincerely want to thank you…your books emails insight and television interviews have awakened in me a spiritual awareness I didn’t know I had….Thank you so much for your love and what you do for the peoples on the planet….Anthony Busateri…

~ In honor of the shamans from Peru who came to give blessings at the day of Tikkun event that Gary also spoke at last Saturday in San Francisco.

~ Gary Machu Pichu 1998 Fall Equinox

~ Cris in Portugal


Dear Gary,

I wish you a very happy birthday! I am from Portugal, in Europe, I know you from the Oprah`show, then I read the book “Spiritual Partnership, the journey to authentic power”: I love it! I do appreciate very, very much your work I would love to see you in Portugal.

Thanks again

“Sê a mudança que queres ver no mundo”
Mahatma Ghandi

Fica bem
Abraço fraterno e Bjinhos

~ Jill

Happy Birthday Gary!


I am so fortunate to call you my teacher, my brilliant and patient co-creator, and most especially, my cherished friend. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays.

with love,


~ Linda, Gary and Jill – Montecito, CA Nov 2011

~ Wanda Gail

Joyful Blessings

I first learned of Gary’s work when a friend gave me a copy of Seat of the Soul. I quickly devoured that information and then tried The Dancing Wu Li Masters. I found the second experience to be quite challenging to understand but felt the powerful messages that he conveyed in each one. Since that time, my eyes and ears perk up whenever his name or work appear before me…Read More

~ Bes

Thank you Linda for the opportunity to express my appreciation, gratitude and love to Gary on his birthday.

with love and best regards,


~ Howard and Debbie

Gary Zukav 70th birthday

“Our dear friend Gary. On this your 70th birthday, I think it’s time for you to go deep and ask yourself a most important question. Ask yourself this: How did I get so intelligent, loving, caring and good looking in ‘only’ 70 years? We are both honored to be your friend and with deep love want to appreciate you for all that you are. You are a gift to this world.”

Much Love,

~ Howard (young), Howard (Now) and Debbie

~ Suann from Kentucky

Happy Birthday Wishes From Kentucky

Happy Birthday to you Gary, Every Day Of Your Life – This Time Around! In 1990, shortly after my return from Betty Ford Center, I read my now tattered hard copy of The Seat of the Soul, for the first time. It just found me at the most perfect time in my life. I was into the INTUITION II Ch. when I literally felt a veil lift from my whole body…Read More

~ Penelope

Happy Birthday

Gary, you and Linda have been influential in my life for many years, after attending several events in the early 2000’s (including the API recorded for PBS) and participating in a Soul Circle also at that time. Intention and Intuition are part of my every day life…. as well as continuing to work on emotional awareness and responsible choice. I am including a photo from the API at Mt. Madonna.

Thank you for your work and have a wonderful birthday,

~ Authentic Power (Journey to the Soul) 5 day retreat at Mt. Madonna in Santa Cruz Mountains. CA

~ Marianne

Happy Birthday Gary!

Hi Gary,

Best wishes for your special day & always. I have attached one of my favorite quotations. This is my wish for you.

“I will not wish thee riches, nor the glow of greatness,
But that wherever thou go some weary heart shall gladden at thy smile,
Or shadowed life know sunshine for a while.
And so thy path shall be a track of light,
Like angels’ footsteps passing through the night.”

~ Words on a church wall in Upwaltham, England

Marianne :>)

~ Ester van Vuuren from South Africa

Dear Linda, thank you for calling me a spiritual partner. I do believe that I am also here on earth to make people aware of the wonderful life God gave us and that we must not forget why we are here…Read More

~ Gwynn

Dear Sweet Gary,

What a spiritual teacher you have been to me in this earth school. The first time I saw you was on Oprah and it was an immediate feeling of recognizing you as my guide and KNOWING you were telling me exactly what I needed to hear to further my growth…Read More

~ Jordon (Gwynn’s Son) and Gary and Gwynn

~ Andrea

Happy Birthday Gary Zukav!!! May this next decade be filled with Love and Light. I found listening your books an amazing life changing experience. Thank you for your continued courage to love, grow, and share your experiences with everyone. I’m most grateful.

If you are at GATE event again this coming year in Los Angeles, I hope I can meet you.

~ Alicia

Happy birthday!!

Happy birthday, amor, health and prosperity!!

Alicia, Happy and Vita

~ Paula from Boston, MA

Happy Birthday Gary,

I watched you on Oprah many moons ago. I went out and got Seat of the Soul. I struggled reading it. I went back years later and picked it up again and re read it and slowly started to get it. I love watching your interviews. You have blessed my life! Thank You! Love, Paula Boston Ma.

~ Carol Ann

Dear Gary and Linda,

This is from my heart and my first attempt at any kind of creative writing. From the healthies me at this moment.

Carol Ann, the new budding poet, with Linda and Gary

Love, Carol Ann…Read Poem

~ Sharleen

Happy birthday Gary wishing you all the best for your 70th

~ Purnima

Dear Mr. Zukav

I wish u a very happy 70th bday. My best wishes to you. Read your book seat of the soul in 1997. Saw all your shows when you came on Oprah. learn so much from you and your book. Changed my life forever when I read about “Intention” and whole other book. Whole book end up getting highlighted…Read More

~ MarTee


Every book, Oprah show, video or other media I have been blessed to be lead to makes my purpose on earth so much more meaningful. I am finally starting to “get it”. I have had such a sad life and hurt so many people that I just wanted to die but now I see that I do have a purpose. It may not be global but just being nice and caring may be what my purpose in this life is supposed to be. I think maybe my actions might have changed another persons life to be kinder or to be different. We are all here for a purpose and what we wish we were here for may not be our purpose this time around. Bless you for all you give to help us understand our souls better.


~ Eric

Dear Gary:

Happy solar return. I never would have guessed that you are 70. Your work is the most up to date 4th way path (Gurdjeiff’s term for paths designed for use in the “every day world”). I am one of those who is a thinking type, and had to find my emotions. I have much to learn, but have come far. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING GARY!


~ Janice

Dear Gary,
Integrity is what you are..what you you live. YOU have transformed the world by your Being. Thank You/Mahalo for your courage and love! May YOU, LINDA and FAMILY have the most wonderful celebration ever!! YOU are SO LOVED!! GOD BLESS YOU!!


Janice Medhurst

~ Joan

Loving gift art work

I have a non-physical teacher. My lessons and notes go back to 1968 when Gesua entered through a series of dreams. I read the Dancing Wu Li masters by Gary. The joyful confirmations I found in that book smoothed my life path. Thank you for being you and lending your wisdom to those who need and want it. I am 75 years in this life and just had a experience with surgery for colon cancer. Surgeon got all the cancer, no chemotherapy needed and no radiation. I went home in two days – no pain and no scars. Doctors still shake their heads about my rapid recovery. I am writing an account of the insights the events brought to me.

~ Danny

The Seat of the Soul changed my life and at last provided for me a scriptural source that I could believe in. I, like so very many in this country, was raised a Christian, but never took the teachings and precepts completely to heart. My experiences in Vietnam drove me to the brink of atheism. But I never stopped believing in ‘God’. I knew instinctively that there was a spiritual dimension to life and the background of reality that it played before. Psychotropic substances verified that dimension by allowing my senses to access it as they showed glimpses of things beyond…Read More

~ Babalwa

Dear Gary!

First and Foremost I thank God for creating you! I thank God for using you as a STARLIGHT, A Guiding LIGHT in our lives – I thank God for creating you as a vessel of HIS AWESOME LOVE! I thank Him for odering your feet and for being the light unto your feet! Seeing your name alone is an edifying experience all on its own! I dedicate Celine Dion song you!…Read More

~ Susan


Thank you Gary for all your inspirational words of wisdom. I am so grateful I found you while watching Oprah. I have been trying to make sense if life here on earth for a very long time. You opened that door. Everything you say and write about makes sense and resonates with me. Because of your books and seeing you on Oprah I have been able to look at my problems and therefore make better choices which have brought about better consequences. Challenges are always there but your inspiring words are a calming influence and always remind me to check my intention before acting or speaking. Love and best wishes to you and Linda. I hope you have a very joyful 70th birthday on October the 17th. You certainly deserve it. You are a beautiful
human being.

Love and best wishes Susan

~ Anna

Wonderful 70’s

My early 70’s have been wonderful; I have read several of Gary’s books (among others) and experienced the joy and peace and empathy and compassion etc., that one so often has the privilege of embracing because a kind soul like Gary has shared his vision with so many of us. Happy journey dear friend and may God continue walking with you. Happy 70th birthday.


~ Greg

I am so grateful for Gary and all the work he has done and continues to do. My life has been profoundly affected and changed for the better on a daily basis as a result.


~ Patricia

It began with Oprah…..

What a wonderful thing you are doing for the love of your life. And may i wish you and Gary many more earth years to come. I first saw Gary on Oprah,… i was hooked from day one, First by his good looks and second by how he just makes you feel there in the moment. I can’t begin to tell you how much his writings and books have helped me over the years. I’am 55 never been married but have the best time just being me and loving life….I’am with peace withself,,…. but if love comes today are never i feel blessed to have been on this great earth and all it has to enjoy. So Linda and Gary Cheers to many more to come….Blessings to you both.


~ Fran

Happy Birthday

Dear Gary,

I met you on the Oprah show and loved what you talked about Then I went on one of your retreat’s to Omega. It was one of my life’s most significant events. You have touched me deeply For you,I am grateful for teaching me about authentic power Blessings on you in your 70th year,

Fran Noll

~ Marie

Marie in Santa Barbara

Dear Gary.

You first touched me with “The Dancing Wu Li Msters”. I listened to the 4 hours (?) of audio cassettes at least 4 times and each time had many awakenings. That series spoke to me on every level — career, relationships, spirituality, health. I was 20 years old, maybe 21 then. It was the beginning of my interest in mysticism. Seat of the Soul held me together through a divorce and raising two children as a single parent.

Thank you!

~ Cheryl

Happy Birthday Gary!

Oh my, where do I begin? Your book Seat of the Soul has touched my life and changed me as a human being forever. I have read it and re-read it so many times over the years, it is my “go to” when I feel I am losing my way and it has never failed to inspire me and set me back on the path of light. I remember the first time I read it-the ideas were so radically different than anything I had ever considered before. I recognized it as “TRUTH” immediately, and shared the book with anyone who was open enough to see…Read More

~ Sandy


I just wanted to say how you helped my through some really tough times with your positive thinking. Thank you for that. Have a beautiful joyous birthday. God Bless You.

Sandy Wicklund

~ Mary

Gary’s 70th Celebration

Hello: Happy 70th to Gary!!!!

My name is Mary….and I found out about Gary, ironically, through my now ex-husband. It was one of the first visits Gary made to Oprah, and after I watched this show, I was immediately drawn to his calm demeanor and patience in explaining his book The Seat of the Soul…Read More

~ Diana

happy birthday Gary

You have had me since I read Seat of the Soul. I own two copies of it and am still amazed at the wisdom that I get from it. I call you an angel and I truly believe this. When I am at a low point in my life I suddenly receive a computer message from Gary that is on the exact message that I need to hear. I have read all of the books and hope you continue to write so I can enjoy another of them.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more to follow.


Diana N.

~ Joanne

Happy Birthday, Dear Gary!

In 1990, I read Seat of the Soul and it was one of the clearest, most practical books on the market regarding our personal – spiritual journey. To this day, I quote your book when I’m teaching classes on soul-centered energy healing. It is a classic and you are a classic! THANK YOU for evolving during my lifetime and leading the way. Your thought provoking writing has been an inspiration during great times and a comfort during growth spurts. I love you, Gary, and thanks for all you do!


Joanne Karpinen, Ph.D.

~ Nancy

Happy 70th Birthday Gary

Reading “The Dancing Wu-Li Masters” was a profound experience for me and helped me to begin to awaken to “Who I really AM!” I have read all of your books and found in each one of them “aha” moments. Your gentle demeanor while talking to the audience on the Oprah show allowed your steely resolve of truth to be presented and accepted. I was always so impressed.

Blessings now and always,

Nancy Vittum

~ Mohammed

Happy Birthday from South Africa!!

Dear Gary

My name is Mohammed and I want to thank you for being such a positive light in my life.When I was 18 yrs old I believe I experienced what some describe as a mid-life crisis altho mine was happening much earlier in life. I had left my small home town to live in the city and suddenly I was studying a career I hated,living in a place completely unfamiliar to me,surrounded by no family or friends,unsure of who I really was and completely out of my comfort zone…Read More

~ Valnora

I read The Seat of the Soul around 20 years ago and it made a transformation in my life for the better. I started to pay more attention to people I encountered in my life and the lessons I have to learn. So, thank you Gary for sharing your empowering life experiences. I wish you very happy 70th birthday!! Stay around in the Earth School to guide more people..


Valnora Leister

~ Annette

HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY Gary May Mother God Bless you with more.

I discovered you own Oprah Show every time you was own no matter what topic. I gotten something from it that made me say whoa that deep truly truly deep. Your’re such an blessing to all!

Take Care



~ Susan

Happy 70th Birthday Gary

Dear Gary,

Thank you for sharing your wisdom. May you enjoy your special day with the people you love. You and your words influence me profoundly. Thank you very much. Describing evil as an absence of Love, rather than a presence of something, is brilliant and empowering. The currency of the heart is exactly right. And how true and brave for you to advise us to practice moderation in all things except love.

Have a great birthday celebration. May you enjoy many more.



~ Teresa Mazza

Dear Gary,

I cannot express the love I feel for you and the blessing you have been in my life. Many years ago, at the beginning of my spiritual path I read “The Seat of the Soul.” I enjoyed the book very much but I wasn’t ready for it, so to speak. To tell you the truth, dark times were ahead for me and when I was in the thick of it, I wasn’t ready for much of anything…Read More

~ Diane

Well, everyday we have on this earth is a birthday, isn’t it?
I feel that way espically when Gary illuminates the path for me…us. Your willingness to stay open and be a source for enlightenment has helped me tremendously. Sometimes the path can get dark,scary,fearful. I know I need to put one foot in front of the other. What a comfort to have a friend hold the lantern for me. To direct me with words of encouragement, and love. The road traveled with a friend is always so much more loving. You have held that lantern for me many times with your words and effort to communicate the way to live with and lead with love. Not fear. A lesson learned many times over. Happy Birthday to you!

Diane Schambra

~ Marco

~ David

Happy Birthday, Gary!

After reading your wonderful books, it was a real pleasure to meet both you and Linda in Santa Rosa, California, several years ago. I always look forward to reading your ‘newsletters’ via email when they arrive…. they always have something in them that seems to be especially for me. It is fantastic that you’re still doing the thing you love most…Read More

~ Marsha

I discovered Gary’s book, Seat of the Soul, online. I was conversing with an online friend who was quite mysterious. We were only online friends and I didn’t know much about this person. To this day I don’t know whether this person was male or female.

We were talking about our belief systems and the friend said that I was ready to read “Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav. I asked for details, but the friend only said that I should check out the book. (This was in the ’90s before Oprah even mentioned anything about Gary or his book.) I kept the book in mind, but didn’t go out to get it right away…Read More

~ Sue

Dear Gary,

A joyous, blessed, and happy birthday to you! It is wonderful to be on this journey with amazing people such as yourself and Linda. I’d like to share my story with you and let you know how you have touched my life, and continue to do so. My spiritual awakening began in a bagel shop of all places. There I stood, ordering my bagels when the man behind the counter boomed,” Speak up! I can’t hear you!” It was then I realized that, of course he couldn’t hear me! I could barely hear myself. I was so caught up in what others expected of me, trying to please everyone, lost in my life if you will. I didn’t know who I was anymore. Nor, could I hear my inner voice…Read More

~ Sundar Naga

Dear Gary,

Ever since I accidentally picked up your “The Seat of the Soul” book in 1998 during probably the most difficult and trying time in my whole life, your divine wisdom revealed through your books has meant so much to me that you are equivalent to God to me (namely my Saraswati Devi, the Goddess of Education, in whose name I think of that One God). I read, reread your words of wisdom in all your books as many times as I can…Read More

~ Dr. Steve Williams

Happy Birthday, you say its your birthday by The Beatles. Gary, wow, I want to be as active as you are at 70th. We meet on a flight to New York many years ago. You are a model for the power of positive thinking. Your follower online.

Dr. Steve Williams

~ Mary Lou Bagley from Maine

Happy birthday! I am so grateful to be at the earth school at the same time as you (10/14/47 for me). You are truly a master, teaching essence, and I am joyfully dancing with you. What a time to be alive & awake! Thank you to Linda for making this connection possible. The two of you are so inspiring. My husband of 43 years & I are spiritual partners as well. Thank you for affirming what we have together.

Blessings to you both,
Mary Lou Bagley,
South Berwick, Maine

~ Diane LaDouceur

Hi Gary,

Birthday blessings to you! Out of all the guests on Oprah, you have inspired me the most and changed my life for the good. I had a son who was born still. You really helped me find purpose and to use my son as a gift to help others. I know you have helped so many other people deal with the loss of their loved ones, so for that I Thank You!

Hope your birthday is full of smiles …keep those emails coming…I love them!

blessings, Diane LaDouceur

~ Gary Ice skating on Castle Lake on Mt. Shasta, CA

~ Ann Barrett

Dear Gary,

If I were asked what person influenced my life the most, it would have to be you Gary. Seat Of The Soul sent me in a complete new direction for living my life. It made so much sense to me. I can feel how it is embedded in my psyche when I’m challenged or even when something great happens to me. You seem to pop into my head on a regular basis and its been years since I read your book for the first time. Thank you for your great work and sharing something I consider to be a great model for living ones life. Happy birthday! You don’t look a day over 30!

Love and Best Wishes,
Ann Barrett

~ Gary – Sooo good looking

~ Leonor Tracey from Florida

Thank you, Linda for this opportunity to wish Mr. Zukav a happy birthday.

Gary, I read “The Seat of The Soul” in 2007, the year my spiritual journey began. I learned then that I was on to something big. I recently watched your interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday, and it was just amazing. You clarified so many questions I had. Gary, thank you for all your wisdom and for writing such a great book for us. I intend to read your book again.

With much appreciation,
Leonor Tracey
North Port, Florida

~ Una Nakamura

Dear Gary and Linda,

This is late, but, nevertheless heartfelt. I had a medical emergency around the time of your birthday, Gary, and have been recovering since that time… but, I’d like to take time now to add my appreciation for your being.

When you met Jack, so many years ago, I called you his Guardian Angel, because of the timing and impact of your presence and friendship in his life. You helped him through one of the most painful and challenging times in his life in ways that no one else had been able to just by being who you are living your truth. You were an inspiration and role model for him in the deepest sense…Read More

~ Our labyrinth taken from Jack’s beloved beach house.

~ Jacqueline Cary

Hi Gary,

My name is Jacqueline Cary. Your book is an inspiration to me. Thank you for affirming me and the truth that I have always suspected.

The Soul
What is the soul? Is it your thoughts, your ambitions, and your goals?
What is the soul? Is it joy, happiness and peace untold?
I ask myself what is my soul; my soul is the part of me that will never grow old

My soul is me, myself and I; therefore my soul will live and never die.
My soul is the answer to the when, what, where, and why.
My soul has no end; my soul is the light within this shell that will one day decay

My soul is me and I am my soul
My soul is my mind; my soul is unfamiliar with time
You see my soul has always been, and even when this shell comes to an end,
the soul will begin again,
Because my soul knows no end!

~ Alan

Good Morning Gary, and a BIG Happy Birthday from Lisena, Isabella and myself……Im not a great writer but did want to take a moment and tell you how nice it is to know you and Linda…..our happen stance meeting has turned into a very enjoyable friendship and we thank you for that! We always enjoy your calls and emails, but our most precious moments are when we are able to just sit and talk and be in each other company. As time passes we treasure those moments and look forward to our next visits. Take time to Think today, Laugh today and Cry today and I know it will be a full day….Much Love and Aloha……Alan

~ Linda with Isabella & Lisena on Maui, HI

~ Alan and Isabella

~ Glori

Dear Gary,

I first saw you on Oprah over 10 years ago. Back then I didn’t believe in God let alone spirituality. I tried to read Seat of the soul back in 2008. I stopped reading it because I didn’t understand it. Since then I have read several of your books including Seat of the Soul and I’m on this journey to creating authentic power in my life. I even signed up for your 7 week course Creating authentic power.

Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world because it is making me want to find out what my gifts are so I can share with the world also.

I do hope you have the best birthday ever!!!!!


~ Gloria Franco from Mexico

Dear Gary,
My name is Scott Davis. I want to send you a Very Happy Birthday Greeting. It must be wonderful to be 70 years old, and I sure hope I get to see it for myself. You have touched me and my life in so many ways through your teachings, I could never repay you. I wish in these words, that they reach you, and you in return, can feel my love.

Smiling with you in my thoughts,
Scott Davis

~ Gloria Franco from Mexico

Dear Gary and Linda,

Linda, it was wonderful talking to you a few weeks ago. Hearing your voice and feeling your love gave me such an incredible feeling of joy and love, thank you! And Gary, thank you for really showing me the way. Of course I still stumble but most of my days are filled with appreciation of how lucky I am. When I share my joy, and at times confusion of the way the world is, with strangers, I really think my sixth sense is at work and I bond with that stranger, which gives me such a joyful feeling. Again, thank you for showing me the way. Luis and I are doing well, growing together and blessed with six beautiful grandchildren another miracle of life. Unfortunately we can no longer live in Tampico because of the kidnappings and, again, thanks to you we take it as an opportunity and we are starting to enjoy a life on the run! Both Luis and I love you two very much and are honored to be your friends and one day we shall meet again! I know your birthday will be wonderful, with all the love for you in this world and your beloved Linda, what more could you ask for!?

Again, I love you both!
Gloria Franco

~ Dorina from Canada

Dear Gary,

I want to share with you how deeply and profoundly grateful I am for all that I learned from you ( and Linda), all that you shared and all that you taught me. I feel such a fullness of gratitude for my opportunity to participate in the APP, and more so for your providing me that opportunity. Of all that I have done in my life to attempt to free myself from pain, what I learned from you has made the greatest impact. Nothing has influenced my life more(in a positive way) than what you shared. I strive daily to apply what I learned about creating authentic power. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I wish you much joy and many blessings on this celebration.


~ Dorina from Canada

~ Karen Duncan

Dear Gary,

I imagine that you continue to be blessed with messages of love and gratitude in the celebration of your entry into the earth school. I want to add mine to those sharings. I have learned so much from you and as a consequence, my life is more purposeful and joyful. I am now keenly aware that I am given multiple opportunities every single day to choose love or fear. I chose love but on those occasions when I indulge a frightened part of my personality, I learn from it and try to choose love the next time I am faced with the choice. I am blessed with many opportunities to practice! Thank you for your part in my journey to authentic power.

Karen Duncan


~ Rev. Evon Marie Lloyd from Pennsylvania

Dear Gary and Linda:

A few years ago while I was taking Yoga Teacher Training my instructor gave me one of Gary’s books which I have returned to over and over again. I am a Presbyterian clergywoman serving a Presbyterian congregation and a Lutheran congregation and your wisdom has enhanced my ministry. This past spring while visiting my daughter at her college in Ohio I was searching the bookshelves in the college bookstore. My purse was on the floor near my right foot as I faced the shelf. I was deeply into one book that I had almost decided to purchase from the shelf directly in front of me at eye level when my cell phone indicated I had just received a text message. I reached down, looked at the cell and determined the message was just a spam message and returned the phone to the pocket of my purse. As I did so my eyes were drawn to “Seat of the Soul” on the bottom shelf just behind where my purse rested. I picked that book up and immediately decided it was the one which I would purchase. Later that day as I began to read I discovered that the very first chapter of the book dealt with the sermon topic which I was working on for the following Sunday. I have been continually grateful for the “text from God” that brought my attention to that particular book. Thank you so much for your work, your love, your guidance, and for sharing your life.

Peace be with you beloved of the Universe on this your 70th birthday Gary, and yours, Linda!!

Rev. Evon Marie Lloyd
Coudersport, Pennsylvania

~ Marie

I have been on a spiritual path just about all my life that I am aware of and I have never met anyone who puts things in perspective, with the clarity that Gary does. His intake is simple, practical and useful for anyone who wants to grow, be authentic and empowered. Gary’s teaching has encouraged me, strengthened me during the most challenging years of my life and still is. I have all his work in my library and I go back to it every so often. He is helping me clarify what I want to create in my next relationship as I am recovering from the divorce of a 17 year old marriage. I feel so blessed by what he has taught and as my funds are permitting, I want to take his cources in the future. Thank you for showing the way. Happy 70th Birthday and wish you many more.

With much love, Marie

~ Jenny Labow

Dear Gary,

I first read THE DANCING WU LI MASTERS when a physics professor said he had “heard my voice in a dream”, before actually hearing it ( I’m a singer ). It was strange, but he mailed me the book and said I should read it, so I did! It opened my eyes to the magic of the universe. Later, I read THE SEAT OF THE SOUL, and it changed the way I live my life. I then had the amazing opportunity to hear you speak in California. I had been reading the book on my move out there, and a new friend gave me the ticket to see you as a present. Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do for me, and for all of the people in the Earth School. And a very Happy Birthday to you!!

Jenny Labow

~ Sandy Fults Shriver


What a wonderful idea and thank you for inviting us all to be a part of the celebration. I love and appreciate you both so much!! Sharing a poem that I wrote when I was about sixteen, way before I had even heard of Gary Zukav or read Seat of the Soul… yet, I think I was born searching.

Reaching In

I reach out
grasping for my space
seeming small
in such an infinite dimension.

I reach out
collecting up what is mine
seeming few
compared to others.

I reach out
proclaiming who I am
but I am just another person
always reaching out
always stretching myself thin.

Always reaching out….
when I should be…
Reaching IN

by Sandy Fults Shriver

Happiest of birthday wishes to you Gary!! Thank you for all of the gifts that you have brought to my life with your wisdom and your sharings.

Blessings and Love,

~ Katharine from Munich

Dear Gary –

Happy Birthday to you! My name is Katharine and I am an often guest on your seatofthesoul-site. I appreciate Lindas idea to share your Birtday with you – we are ALL-ONE. It is a pleasure to me to send you my best wishes for a Happy Birthday – even from Europe – to you. I live in Munich and I am very touched by you as a healing soul…Read More

~ My lovely cat Mimulus who also wants to congratulate you with a warm handshaking

~ Katherine from Munich, Germany

~ Steven

Dear Gary,

It has been a great pleasure getting to know you and a privilege to work with you. In getting a sense of your life’s work I feel blessed to have been able to witness the ways in which you have enriched and transformed the lives of people around you through your books, workshops and website. Our relationship has had a huge impact on me and I’m very grateful to have met you and Linda. There are very few teachers like you who are the same people whether you meet them on stage or alone without an audience. You have become one of my special mentors who models what it means to live in integrity with who I really am, or as you so aptly named it, creating Authentic Power. I am so pleased to be able to celebrate your significant life school milestone and be part of the light that you have cast on the world around you.

A very happy birthday to you, my friend!

Love always,

~ A very happy birthday to you, my friend! Love always, Steven

~ Lanice from Detroit

Mr. Zukav,

I read Seat of the Soul over 10 years ago. It was the first book I read about my spiritual self and it changed my way of thinking after that. I continue to battle with my addictions and I became disconnected from my spiritual self through the years. Today, I have decided to read your book again, I think it’s time to search within myself for the truth instead of avoiding it.

Happy Birthday and thank you for your teachings. May the Universe continue to honor you and all of us!

Detroit, Michigan

~ Catherine

Dear Gary,

I will remain forever grateful to have met you in 2008, at the event “Celebrate Your Life” in Chicago, when you gave a presentation on “Living Courageously.” What a transformative experience this proved to be as I began working with all the tools you and Linda had developed. Since then my life has taken beautiful, empowering, and unexpected turns. Using the Spiritual Partnership Guidelines I have gradually moved toward self-awareness and self-transformation as well as a deepening of my compassion for all living beings, including myself. These four years have shown me that it is possible to continue learning and growing with each breath in this earth school. Thank you, from the heart, for your support. May you enjoy love and light on this special birthday, knowing that so many souls you have touched will hold the space for you!

With love,

~ Catherine

~ Brenda Newton

Happy Birthday Gary

Since the Journey this summer, my 1st experience with your amazing gift (your selflessness ) I feel that each day has now become a gift to be grateful for, one of true choice. We all think the choices we make are our own choices all the time, but in reality the choices we do make are from preconceived ideas and past experiences. That is what we use to CHOOSE. But now we Spiritual Partners have the information to make conscious choices, to create Authentic power which is directed at service to life or the choice to create external power which is to control life. Thank You from the bottom of my heart and the life of this soul.

You have brought us all together to create a new world as it should be, full of love and partnership. You have chosen to dedicate your life to guiding others to a wonderful creative life. There is not enough time or space to express what I feel here so Happy Birthday will say it for me. I will use courage to express Authentic power thank to you.

Brenda & Jazzie

~ Brenda & Jazzie

~ Capt. Tom

Aloha Gary,

Wow, the big “7 0”. Kinda boggles the mind, doesn’t it? Why, just the other day………….no, that was yester-year, oh well, what the heck. I reckon time flies when you’re having fun! Here is a recap of some of the fun…

Capt. Tom

~ Capt. Tom and Tamu

~ Capt. Tom boat the Aveia

~ Gary and Capt. Tom on Maui

~ Marki

Dear Gary-

Twenty three years ago, in 1989, I went into a bookstore on a whim. It was a small store in my small hometown in southern Vermont. I was drawn to the purple cover and the title of your book, “Seat of the Soul.” I was struggling with much pain and darkness in my life and your book was a beacon of light. I recognized and resonated with the truth I saw there and was deeply grateful to you for writing what my heart knew but had been unable to put into words. I told everyone I knew about your book and what a treasure it was. This was long before anyone I knew had heard of you. I was moved to write to you and thank you for the book, but distractions got in the way and I never ended up putting pen to paper.

Now, these many years later, I note that there is an invitation to celebrate you and I want to add my voice to others who have offered gratitude to you for your work and for your voice bringing a clear message of love and light to the world.

Thank you for all you bring to this world.


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is
invisible to the eye…. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

~ Roxanne

Aloha Gary!

Happy 70th Birthday! Or as you might say, Congratulations on the 70th anniversary of your entrance in the Earth School! I celebrate you on your special day with much gratitude for all that I’ve gained from knowing you and Linda. You’ve touched me deeply and profoundly, and I thank you with all of my heart as I continue my journey in creating Authentic Power.

Have a joyous day!


~ Roxanne at Authentic Power Program event

~ Dee Thorsen

Dear Gary, my friend,

I first read your book, “The Seat of the Soul” perhaps 20 years ago. I carried it with me on my travels and had it at my bedside at home. I kept on getting new information from it. It was so alive. I continue to keep it nearby even though I have read many other book pertaining to our spiritual growth. On one accession I attended a weekend workshop that you put on. The last day I went up and gave you a hug. What a thrill. I felt like I’d just connected with God. Bless you my dear.

Your friend always,
Dee Thorsen

~ Gary on the summit of Mt. Shasta

~ Kevin Kitrell Ross

Dear Gary,

As you begin your 71st trip around the sun, let yourself fully savor the magnificence of each moment. Take the scenic route everywhere you go and allow your soul to be touched deeply by the rhythms, smells, sounds, tastes and textures that life will bring. Soak up the gratitude from other souls the world over that you taught to love, but this time, let it all in – every drop of it! Dare yourself to be brand new and reach a generation that’s more high tech, but low touch. Lead them to the seat of their souls. As for you and me, on this trip around the sun, let’s set the sun with talks of transformation, let’s paint the sky with giant dreams, let’s care about something together and because we can, let’s give someone the gift of our spiritual partnership.
And when the time is right let’s play games that matter in the sandbox that matters. I’m sure you’ll come up with ideas of your own, but for now these are my heart’s wishes for you!

Here’s to another amazing trip around the sun!

Love, your spiritual partner and 3 am friend,
Kevin Kitrell Ross

~ The Ross Family Sing Happy Birthday — Happy Birthday Grandpa Gary from Kevin, Anita, Angelina,Kameela and Khaiden.

~ Kevin and Gary

~ Stephanie Trabant

When I attended your intensive 10 years ago at Mt. Madonna Center in California, I was so struck by your genuine love and passion for living an authentic life. I marveled at how you could be both gentle and direct in your guidance of others. And even more that when people came at you in an activated state you were able to stay present with them without engaging in their drama. It was like you saw through the shell to the greater soul within. This wasn’t something I experienced growing up and I knew that I needed to learn more about how to experience the world and other people in that way. That intensive marked the beginning of a spiritual journey that I have treasured. It is with deep gratitude that I thank you for helping me to rekindle my spiritual path. May this 70th celebration be one of light, love, and reflection!!

With deep admiration,
Stephanie Trabant

~ Ted Susu-Mago


It is a pleasure to know you, to know that you occupy a place in my world as a remarkable man and human being. I have always admired your keen perceptions of the world around us and what makes us human. Your focus on interpersonal healing has helped thousands of people, I believe, find joy in themselves and others. I truly hope you continue to do as you have been doing – helping us all be a bit bigger than we ever thought we could be, to love ourselves and others a little more each day. I appreciate you!

Happy Birthday, Gary.

Ted Susu-Mago

~ Gary, Linda and Oprah


Dear Gary,

A very happy birthday. After reading The Seat of the soul many years ago your words and love have changed my life in so many ways and I am so grateful for that.May you continue to give us all inspiration.Its a beautiful life and thank you for being who you are.

Very best wishes

~ Berta Rodrigues

Dear Gary,

Happy, Happy 70th Birthday!

I am so grateful to have met you and Linda at this past 2012 Journey to the Soul Retreat! You are both such loving and gentle souls! I came upon an intuitive note of mine that I wanted to share that I wrote in 2004 and haven’t looked at it for several years, and after I re-read it, I was grateful for profound experiences of clarity. This insight brings me so much joy because it is purely “soul based” and completely reflective of all you teach and inspire and therefore, my gift to you. Thank you for being born and thank you for sharing your love and wisdom!

“It is not enough to target random fears in life to bring success! Instead, it is essential to face the fears that can profoundly paralyze us from reaching our full potential! They are the fears that can devastate our spirit if not confronted! Do not choose a path of submission! Submission to fear is recognized as betrayal by the soul! Take risks! Ignite your passions! The high is ever so sweet!”

The picture of the you, Linda and I came out a bit fuzzy but is still beautiful to me!

Much Love,

Berta Rodrigues

~Berta with Linda and Gary at the Journey to the Soul retreat

~ James

Happy Birthday Gary,

I have never met you but you saved my soul with your special words and teachings. I was like a sponge taking everyone’s energy into me. After reading your book and learned how not do this, my life became alive and free-er. I have gave this book to all my family and I told my children this is the only book you will ever need to get through this earth school’s lessons.

Thank You Gary..

~ Lana

Dear Gary,

I met you when I was 11 years old. I bought your book Dancing with the Wu Li Masters because I wanted to be as smart and bright as my cousin! Well at a 11 years old I made it to page two!! And put u in a box of memories. In my 20’s we met again through Oprah , she had u on a first or second episode and I recognized your name. I thought I know that name! I recalled how I met u and retrieved your book from my box of memories from my moms house! Read the book from page start to finish, purchased seat of the soul and been connected with you ever since! My journey has not been simple, but I’ve always turned to you for guidance in my deepest time of need or shall I say turn to what I’m feeling! you are a Rock and true to who you are and what you believe…

Consistent , Amen! And happy birthday!

~ Gloria Nash

Blessings to you, Gary, for reaching this wonderful milestone in your life! I wish for you always the best life has to offer throughout your days. Though we haven’t physically met, I feel an intimate connection with you and Linda through your work, which has touched me across the years. “Heart of the Soul” is, I feel, the most significant book written about emotional health. Thank you for being that light to allow me to grow better in my own life.

~ Gloria Nash

~ Susan

Hi Gary,

First listened to you on Oprah Show, many years ago now, and felt to buy your amazing book ‘Seat of the Soul’. Since that time, you have been a great source of inspiration and have made a huge difference by simply being here. I an so many others have benefited from your wisdom and simplicity of teaching, which comes from your inner truth and always conveyed with respect, humility and compassion. My heartfelt thanks and love to you. Happy 70th Birthday!! I trust it’s filled with many special blessings, and abundance of joy and love.


~ Peter de Boer from Holland

Dear Gary,

I’d like to congratulate you on your 70th birthday! Of the many lessons I learned from you, is one that stands out for me. And that is that you are never finished developing yourself. I see you continuously growing spiritually, and as a result, you continue to teach me new insights. Unlike many other tutors, who often come to a stand still at a very important lesson.

Thank you very much for sharing your development with the world! It helped me to become the person I am now. I hope to ever meet you in The Netherlands. Enjoy your day together with your loved ones and have a great start of the rest of your life!

Much love from Holland,
Peter de Boer

~ Gary and Linda with Jeff enjoying Maui

~ Adrian Firth from Canada

Thank you

Dear Gary,

My name is Adrian and I have just recently discovered you. I would like to say a very special thank you for the knowledge you have given me. Your books The Seat of the Soul and Spiritual Partnership have contributed to changing my life profoundly. Not only did I find true understanding of myself and the world around me but in reading your words I was filled with a sense of peace for the first time in my life. Your written work has given me a renewed sense of meaning and purpose to my life. It has built a foundation for me far greater than my own religion ever could and I am no longer doubtful in my chosen path. My thoughts and prayers are with you on your 70th birthday and I will forever be grateful for the blessed gifts you and your books have brought me.

Adrian Firth
Ancaster, On.

~ Dave & Shifteh Wagner

Hello Gary –

Wishing you a joy-filled birthday and a most fulfilling 71st year!

Appreciating all that you’ve done for us, and more importantly for the evolution of humanity. Gary, you are a GIANT voice of compassion and reason in a world that is trying oh so hard to evolve, but finding it oh so difficult to get past our fears.

God bless you, Gary, for all your kindness, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Warmest aloha,

Dave & Shifteh Wagner

~ Dave and Gary in Maui

~ Gustavo Vega Gama from Mexico

Long and happy life to you and your wife Gary!!!!

Your friend from Mexico,

Gustavo Vega Gama

~ Patrice from New Mexico

Happy Birthday Gary!

I am astounded by the profound wisdom and truth written so many years ago in Seat of the Soul, a guide and blue print for life in this “Earth School”. Revisiting the words many times over the years as I have changed brings me new understanding every time. With each new layer of understanding I FEEL it taken in becoming a part of me. No longer knowledge outside of myself but apart of me, a Soul here to experience what it is to be human. I am more joyful, more compassionate, more content, and better able to shine my light into the World because of it. I am profoundly grateful for your courage in taking on this task of bringing light into this space and reminding me of who I am and what I can accomplish without fear. What a joyful experience to know I have a choice in every moment to come from love.

Thank you, your family, loved ones and guides for I know you were not alone in living this task.

Much love,

Santa Fe, New Mexico

~ Happy Birthday Gary! Patrice

~ Shannon Winks

A man who changed my life…..

Wishing you a very blessed and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I want to thank you for changing my life in so many ways. You have helped me change my ways and see things in a whole other perspective. Your words speak to my soul like no other. I love you for all that you are and who you have helped made me to be today. I wish you many more years of happiness, good health, abundance, and everything that brings pure joy to your heart and soul! Thank you again for being a part of my daily life. God bless you always and forever!!!

Love Always,
Shannon Winks

~ Rosalind

Happy sacred 70th, dear Gary.

Among the many blessings you have given me are two practices — magic spells, almost — that transform my life: Set my intention in everything I do, and detach from the outcome. Just these two practices alone create nourishing experiences that light up my life and awaken me to my own power in a way that is more fulfilling and joyful than anything I could have imagined for myself. I am SO grateful to you for choosing to share your beautiful soul gifts with the world, and grateful to the Universe for blessing the world with you 70 years ago.

On your special anniversary, I celebrate YOU, dear Gary.

With love, Rosalind

~ Rosalind at Authentic Power Program event

~ Mike Askew from Texas

Happy 70th Birthday Gary!

Thank you and Linda both for your wonderful, positive contributions towards an enlightened and happier humanity.

God bless.
Mike Askew, Dallas TX

~ Valerie

(((( Love )))) and (((( Gratitude)))) to you!

My heart overflows with appreciation for who you are and the messages you share. I’m inspired, encouraged and uplifted. Thank you so much for being!

Happy, Blessed Birthday to you both~


~ Jana, Zuzanaka a Marek

~ Happy Birthday, Gary!!

~ Jana, Zuzanaka a Marek

~ Dianne Shumaker

Hi Gary!

I am very happy to be wishing you a Happy 70th Birthday today! It’s all so Happy: my thoughts of you, the wonderful energy you are creating in this world, your smile, the love you and Linda share, the ways you teach us to nourish the loving parts of ourselves instead of the fearful parts, your teaching us to see everyone else as souls who are learning their lessons in this “earth school.” just as we are, your teaching that we cannot control our environment, only our response to it, etc. I know that I deal with fear now in so much healthier ways than before I met you. Thank you Gary!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, with love, Dianne Shumaker

~ Dianne at an Authentic Power Program event

~ Nadine

Dear Gary,

I was so thrilled to have an opportunity to write this to you in hopes that you would receive my message of deep love and gratitude. Seat of the Soul literally set me free. Fifteen years ago, I saw you on Oprah and my mind was blown away with your words and my heart cracked wide open…Read More

~ Sandy Rhyason

Happy 70th Birthday Gary!

The Earth School was blessed the day you were born and I for one will be eternally grateful for your presence and contribution to the world. I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity of co-creating with you through the APP and Journey to the Soul retreats. After years of personal growth endeavors I continue to believe that this has been the greatest thing I have ever done for myself. For years it’s felt like I’ve wandered aimlessly through the forest and now thanks to you I have been shown the path and have a direction to follow. May you continue your good work (interspersed with lots of relaxation) for many years to come.

Much love,
Sandy Rhyason

~ Sandy at Authentic Power Program event

~ Leonor Tracey from Florida

Thank you, Linda for this opportunity to wish Mr. Zukav a happy birthday.

Gary, I read “The Seat of The Soul” in 2007, the year my spiritual journey began. I learned then that I was on to something big. I recently watched your interview with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday, and it was just amazing. You clarified so many questions I had. Gary, thank you for all your wisdom and for writing such a great book for us. I intend to read your book again.

With much appreciation,
Leonor Tracey
North Port, Florida

~ Mauricio Cardona E.

To Gary and Linda:

For me the real meaning of celebrating Gay’s birthday is to celebrate the re-birth of the real meaning of the concept of authentic power which is expressed in Gary’s life. Gary is a medium. Is an instrument through whom the concept of authentic power was given again to the human race. When I met him I felt the presence of a very high kind of human being. I felt the presence of the “universal human”. I felt myself in the presence of a “elevated man”. A kind of high spirit. An eternal and perennial human being…Read More

~ Gail T.

Joyful Birthday Gary!

Dear Gary,

I first “met” you on Oprah in the late 90’s. As I intently listened to what you were sharing with Oprah, I wanted to understand on a deeper level what you meant by, “challenging your fear”….What did that mean exactly? Since that time, I’ve read all of your books and the one that remains dearest to my heart and continues to rock my world is, “The Seat of the Soul”…Read More

~ Lori and Gail at Journey to the Soul Retreat

~ Dominique Bailey

Dear Gary,

I really only want to say thank you! Thank you for your courage in sharing the truths that you have learned in your 70 years on this Earth School and thank you for being in your integrity in continuing to share them no matter the situation or circumstance.

I love you deep and send many blessings your way!

Dominique Bailey

~ Dominique Sigouin Bailey with her new baby Eloise

~ Jacquie Beveridge from Oregon

Dear Gary,

A number of years ago I spent my birthday with you and you were so gracious to pose with me. I had been a follower of yours for several years. You were especially helpful with my understanding of Quantum Physics for my Healing Touch certification. You helped me grasp the esoteric concepts and become a better healer. Thank you for the gifts you have so willingly given to so many. May you be blessed with a day as special as you are and many years of happiness.

Jacquie Beveridge,
Florence, Oregon

~ Jacquie with Gary

~ Burt Thompson

Happy Birthday!

Dear Gary,

You dont know me but I’ve watched you on “Ophra” (taped every show) whenever you were on. I read “Seat of the Soul” so much the cover is almost torn off. Not to mention the people I lent it to. I found it about a year after it came out and was hooked on your beautiful words of spirit ever since. Your love shows even in your smile and every word you speak. I honor you on your 70th birthday and every other day as well. Just turned 75 in August!

Burt Thompson

PS. Say hello to my beautiful Oprah and thank her for having you on so much!

Love you both

~ Happy Oasis and Johnny Light

You Are A Beautiful Blessing To This Planet

Dear Gary, (And Linda Too!)

We so enjoyed dining and discovering new realms of your authentic power via your loving hearts, brilliantine minds, and funloving personalities at your home again last night.

Happy New Year! Magical New You! May You Bliss Forth.

Let’s Activate The Miraculous Together,

With Love,
Happy Oasis and Johnny Light

~ Alison Weeks

Happy birthday!

Hi Gary,

Happiest birthday to you! May you be surrounded by love, beauty, and celebration!

With love from The Shift Network team,


~ Gary –Shepard and Shaman – Machu Picchu, Peru 1998

Sandra Massey, thank you for sending these wonderful photos of Gary for his birthday.

~ Happy Birthday Gary!

My soul was neglected and screaming from within. Physical symptoms plagued me daily yet I continued to deny them. Too busy…Too much noise. One day, the dam broke. I fell to my knees in exhaustion. Sobs so saturated with pain they made no sound. Down there I found grace. He lifted me up as I surrendered my guilt. Since the awakening of my soul consciousness, I have been drawn to a series authentic spiritual growth and alignment instructions. Thank you Gary… For the greatest of these is Love.

~ Lori

~ Lori – We are wishing you a Happy Birthday on your birthday Nov 3rd as well!!!

~ Cornflower & Nikita

Hope you are both thriving in health and joy! May Gary have the best birthday yet. So much love to you and Gary.

In Gratitude!
Cornflower & Nikita

~ Mel Blossom from Mexico

Happy Birthday Gary! From Mexico

I can never explain all the great things Gary and Linda’s work has helped me with and how it has changed my life! I have made profound changes in my life that started with me being extremely depressed- almost killing myself twice and being a cutter before I found their work to now living happily in Merida, Mexico surrounded by a wonderful group of friends I love very much and know they love me. I have been very inspired by new home in Mexico and began reconnecting with my painting again. I have been consistently hired to paint portraits of peoples dogs since I started showing my friends my work and the painting I have attached I named Spiritual Partners after Gary’s book because I was listening to the audio version of it while I painted and it is about my wish to finally find a good spiritual partner for myself…Read More

~ Mel’s painting

~ Bali from Indonesia

Gary, God bless you and your existence on this earth!

~ Magdalene from Germany

Birthday greetings to Gary from Germany !

A Birthday thought!

( by Helen Steiner Rice )

The years go by and as they do,they only pause to smile on you;
For you hold together in happy thought all the riches that life has brought;
And you give so freely to all you meet—the wisdom that makes your life complete….
And you never grow old for you’ve so much to give;
And you’ll always be young for you’ve learned how to live!

All the best wishes to you from a grateful reader and listener in Germany!


~ Magdalene from Germany

~ Phil Gorman from Canada

70th Birthday Wishes

70 and still thriving…Nice! I always think back to the week of community and love I experienced in Costa Rica Jan 2010. Relationships have always been important to me and that week at Blue spirit really has stuck in my life. I always realized that Jules and I had something amazing and didn’t know what to call it. We continue to explore and expand on what we feel is the most incredible spiritual partnership. I feel your message is of extreme value and consider you a great mentor. May our paths cross again. I’m trying to remember the name of our 3 man percussion act who supported Steven that beautiful last evening at Blue Spirit. Anyway, It was a blast! Hope all is well with you and Linda. Sending lots of love and birthday cheer from Canada.

Phil Gorman

~ Barbara Marx Hubbard

When I think of Gary my sense is of a deeply rooted, widely branching “tree of life.” His authentic power comes from Source and travels up through the trunk and branches to reveal every possible expression of how to recognize and cultivate authentic power. In a world disintegrating through the use of self centered power he truly sheds light on the evolving world with his beloved Linda Francis. Their demonstration of spiritual partnership is vital to us all. And besides this, Gary gives great power to the word friend. Through everything, he is THERE, always willing to share his love and wisdom. And he’s funny too. I remember years ago whenI was guided to do the communion every day, I carried with me real wafers and wine. I asked Gary to do the Communion with me when I was visiting him. He said of course. When it came to eating the very dry, totally tasteless wafer, he in true supportive friendship he nodded approvingly and said, “Oh how good this tastes!”

I am wishing Gary the most joyful and loving 70th joining all his friends, students and colleagues to send to him a world-wide hug and a planetary smile!

With all my love, Barbara

~ Gary, Barbara Marx Hubbard and Linda

~ Jeanne Collis from Oregon


Many years ago you opened my eyes to the Truths that were inherently within me all the time. The book was “Seat of the Soul”. You opened a whole new World of thinking for me. Looking back I realize I had been searching for a very long time for a belief system that felt right for me. That book still sits in a prominent place in my library along side your other great works. I’ve seen you at conferences and on T.V. with Oprah etc. etc. etc. You are one of the Great Spiritual Leaders of Today. (You know all the rest of those Leaders.) It a small powerful Group of teachers who have chosen to come back to Earth at a most important time in our Evolution.

Thank you for your Masterful contribution and may this be the Best 70th Birthday you will ever have. I’m expecting to see you next time around.

Jeanne Collis, Eugene, Oregon

~ Michael and Tess

Aloha Gary ~~

Blessed, Joyous, Blissful, Enriching, Revitalizing 70 th Birthday for you!!! I have planted myriad seeds of soul in so many beings, and I am one of them. I am honored and ecstatic to have met you in person and am very much looking forward to visit you and Linda one day. We are very happy in Santa Fe and come visit us when you have some free time. You are in the circle of our heart.

Blessed your existence here on this time…

With aloha, namaste, Tashi Telek,

Tess * Michael~

~ Michael and Tess

~ Leanne

Happy Birthday Gary!

Thank you so much for all you have given to our world. You are such a brilliant teacher who has paved the way for so many of us. What a treat to be able to come together as a community and share our love and appreciation for the seat, heart and mind of your well lit soul. All the best to you on your special day and for the forthcoming year.

All my love

~ Charonne Sinclaire

Thank you, Gary!

Dear Gary,

Through a number of readings, lots of words highlighted, a study group guide, the receipt is dated May 1991 and is still in your/my book, Seat of the Soul! Over the past 21 years I have been so grateful for your gifts of wisdom, insight, awareness, grace, humour, humility, clarity and love that you have shared with the world. From first seeing you on Oprah, to experiencing, over the past four years, the Journeys to the Soul and the Authentic Power Program, I feel so blessed to have this connection with you. There is more ease, clarity, peace and joy in my life now. Knowing and challenging the frightened parts of my personality and cultivating the loving, healthy parts is a daily practice for me. Your teachings have opened places in me that no other work has. Thank you from the depths of my heart. I love you. Happy, Happy Birthday!

Charonne Sinclaire

~ Charonne with Gary and Linda at Journey to the Soul Retreat

~ John and Elizabeth Heneghan

Happy Birthday

I hope I look as good as you at 70. Your books have changed our lives. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Love John and Elizabeth Heneghan

~ Debbie Davis

Happy Birthday Gary

I waited a couple of weeks after Linda’s invitation to “feel” what I wanted to say before I sent my email. I am not sure how to put together so much appreciation and admiration in one email, but I will try. You have given me such a great gift. About 3 years ago I re-read Seat of the Soul. I was going through a lot of struggle around my career path and I felt very disconnected to my soul. You book opened up my eyes again to the truth of my being. I have been on the spiritual path for over 20 years, but felt like I went to sleep for a while. After reading Seat of the Soul, I read Spiritual Partnerships. Then everything changed…Read More

~ Marietta “Mimi” Roach

Happy Birthday and many thanks!

Happy Birthday Gary! I have read Spiritual Partnership and I’m rereading Seat of the Soul. Authentic power! Each day I read just a bit and am reminded to listen carefully for direction from my guides. Finding your work has been comforting and reassuring as I have always been a person of the heart. My path of heart took me to Senegal, West Africa, where I lived and worked as a teacher for a number of years. This part of my journey helped me to see what I always knew, somehow…so that now, I know I’m on a level playing field with all that is because I am just one bit of the whole of creation.

Thank you for all of the work you do for our planet and beyond!! Peace and blessings to you and Linda.

Marietta “Mimi” Roach

~ From Marietta’s musical children’s book

~ DJ

Happy Birthday

I remember reading “Seat of the Soul” after it came out and just loving it. I was at a park and smiled as I watched another woman reading it. I went up to her and said something like ” wouldn’t it be great if everyone on the planet read this book. It was a great asset to my journey. Thank you Gary! May your heart be filled up with LOVE on your birthday & always.

Love & Blessings,

~ Happy Birthday Buddy You have changed my life forever, I send lots of love!!!! Aaron Ash

~ Walter

Happy 70’s Gary – for you and all you touch

Dear Gary,

From the Dancing Wu Li Masters, to honoring you at the New York Open Center, and all your elevations in between, I have been the beneficiary of your insight and — most of all — clarity. Some wise folk have an epiphany or two. You somehow give wanderings souls understandable ways to find our values and act on them. Philosophy is fun, but real life can be awesome! As a mere 72-year-old, may I welcome you to the first decade of eldering. We need your leadership.

Love, Walter

~ Jenn N

Happy birthday Gary!

Thank you for helping me understand my soul. This is allowing me to have peace and gratitude in my life and I am feeling happy and excited almost every moment. My five children have the mom they deserve now. Happy birthday Gary! Sending you much love and thanks.

Jenn N

~ This is what it looks like in Ashland, Oregon USA (where Gary and Linda live) in the fall.

~ Sam Blan


I carry a print out of the “Spiritual Partnership Guidelines” with me everywhere I go. Just following these guidelines make me a better person every day.

Best Regards,

Sam Blan

~ Cindy Garcia

Dear Gary,

I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. You have been a part of my life for the past 15 years. When I first tried to read your book, “Seat of the Soul”, I remember thinking, “I just can not get it”. I always kept the book and through the years picked it up a few times and tried to read it. Still, could not understand what I was supposed to get from the book. Then 15 years later, I saw you again on Oprah and thought, “Where is that Seat of the Soul book”? I found it and could not put it down. The book has been life changing! I can not expect my family, friends, and clients to do their work until I have done my work. I found a new sense of accountability that I never had before-it was always someone else’s fault. It was so cool when I attended the Journey 2012 this past summer and not only got to meet you and Linda, and participate in such an amazing journey but also have that 15 year old book signed. Thank you for helping me make such profound changes in my life.


Cindy Garcia

~ Cindy G with Linda & Gary

~ Red from South Africa

I love Gary

Like many other people, I met Gary with a television screen and thousands of kilometers between us, watching Oprah (which also has something to do with why I love her). Gary, I learn so much from you – I am grateful you chose to be here now… There are many things I could write about, and the delightful impact you’ve had on my life… but I’d specifically like to thank you for: ‘The Dancing Wu Li Masters’, which I discovered after reading all your other books(!), and passed on to my brother, launching us into a spiritual partnership; and also for introducing me to Linda Francis, and all I have learnt from Linda!

Happy Beloved Birthday!

Cape Town, South Africa

~ Luis Franco

I am very happy to take this opportunity to be in contact with you. Gloria and I are doing well in our growth opportunity and you are part in our desire to grow. I want to wish you a happy birthday and thank you again for everything.

Happy birthday and my biggest wish is for you to continue doing what you are doing.

Luis Franco

~ Gary and Linda on ferry to Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada summer 2012

~ Catherine from France

Happy Birthday

Dear Gary,

Happy birthday and sorry for my English. I have just discovered your book the Seat of the soul just two months ago and I am currently reading the wonderful Heart of the soul you wrote with Linda. Your work is more than a gift to me, it helped me and my family so much. It was the first time of my life that I experienced what compassion is. It brought a lot of tears to my eyes and my heart started to open to gratitude for being there like you say on the Earth school…Read More

~ Suza

Happy Birthday Gary!

I’m so grateful that you chose to share your gifts and journey with the world. There are so many things you’ve written and said over the years that have been an immense support to me.
As I meditated what came to me so vividly was your gentle presence and compassion for others, and myself. During the times when my frightened parts were very active and I didn’t know if it was possible to challenge my fear and live from my Love, you modeled the possibility to me…Read More

~ Birthday flowers from your garden that I photographed a couple years ago in Spring.

~ Caroline

Dear Gary,

Happy Birthday! What an amazing thing to turn 70! Thank you very much for writing the Seat of the Soul and explaining it so patiently and lovingly on the Oprah show so I could watch and learn from it all the way in the Netherlands. I hope the next 70 years will be as inspirational as the first…

Kind regards,

~ Ben from the UK

Hi Gary

Thank you for your latest wonderful message – which had the effect, if you like, of helping to ‘re-boot’ my heart and soul. Congratulations on your 70th birthday – I am in my forties now and I see you as a wonderful example to follow in the way that you live.


~ Alan Jarrett


Oprah has blessed me with many people that have had a significant impact in my life. Yet you are not one, at least until Sunday, October 21st! At that point my wife and I shall have that blessing through Super Soul Sunday. I think the words “be filled” feel more adequate to me, as a way to embrace your seven decades and time that has filled so many others. So here’s anticipating your cup running over as that special day approaches.

Alan Jarrett

~ What a beautiful couple

~ Edie

Thanks for inviting me to say a few words for Gary.

When he was on Super Soul Sunday, I shared with all my friends and am wishing him a very Happy Birthday because now many of us will have happier birthdays because of him. Enough thanks isn’t possible.


~ Dorothea M. Mills from Florida

Blessings and Happy Birthday each and every moment! You have Touched so many of us for so many years! I was “there” when you first book was published….long stories, but your Sensitivities and Abilities to Word and point towards our Core Truth of Being have always been Resonating/Fitting.

Dorothea M. Mills
Harbour Island – Ocala, Fl.

~ Gary and daughter Jenifer in Central Park

~ Tara Tosh Kennedy

Dear Gary and Linda,

My two young boys and I could feel Gary’s energy today as the three of us held a peaceful protest today in front of Canada’s parliament buildings on his 70th birthday. We were gently protesting the bullying that goes on during the regularly televised “Question Period” in our government. My intention was not to judge, but communicate that there is another way for political parties to treat each other. I am not attached to the outcome, and it felt wonderful to vote for love with my boys today.

Sending love,

(Tara Tosh Kennedy)

~ Peaceful protest on Gary’s Birthday

~ Ocean Robbins Birthday Greeting

~ Wendy D’Amour

Hi Gary,

I am delighted that I have this opportunity to wish you a wonderful and blessed 70th Birthday.

I remember many years ago I had what I would call a revelation that changed my life and as I looked for more information to continue my growth I found your book The Seat of the Soul. This amazing book gave me the instructions on how to continue my spiritual growth right at the right moment. I am very grateful to you for your wisdom and kindness that has inspired and encouraged me to continue to grow all these years. I love getting your and Linda’s newsletter each month and continue now to follow your work on the OWN network with Oprah and still after all these years I am in awe of your wisdom and how it hits me and resonates with me so deeply. I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom and the gifts you have given me and to the world.

Much love from down under!!
Wendy D’Amour

~ Wendy Simpson

Happy Birthday Beloved Soul,

Gary, your Love and energy light up the world. You are a beacon for all who are searching. May your day be filled with love and laughter.

I will never forget the laughs we all shared this past July, at the Journey in Mt. Hood.

Wendy Simpson
Vancouver Island

~ Wendy Simpson at Journey 2012

~ T. Byram Karasu, M.D.

Dear Gary—

The impact on the world of your extraordinary soul has been profound and radical. Your loving grace empowers every person you touch with a liberating soulfulness as you offer a dramatically different alternative: authenticity. I join the global celebration of your 70th birthday with immense joy and love, and wish you a long and healthy life with your spiritual partner, Linda.


~ Chey

Happy Birthday Gary!!!!

I hope this message is reaching you in good health and happiness. For the longest time now (since 1997 to be exact), you have been a huge part of my life. The reason being, you saved my life. I’ve told many people of this, but never got to tell you until now. You’ve changed my way of thinking forever, and give me hope. I am forever indebted to the Universe for allowing your presence to cross my path. Maybe one day I will be able to tell you all about it in person, but if not, this will suffice.


Your #1 fan,


~ Gary Zukav and The Great Song

~ Gary and Michael Stillwater

~ Sydney Francis

Dear Grandpa Gary,

Happy 70th birthday!! Words can’t describe how much I love you. You have been and will always be my role model. I’ve felt that we have a special connection, unlike anyone else. Our long talks in Oregon mean so much to me and the content of our conversations are so special. I feel like you and I have this unique understanding about the world. I really enjoy helping you edit your papers and it has made me realize how much of a passion I have for writing and spiritual partnership. My life is so different compared to other teenagers and I love it. I feel so alive and full of love…Read More

~ Sydney with her Grandpa Gary

~ Paris Sethi from Belgium

Happy Birthday Dear Gary!

I wish you peace, joy, love, happiness and health. You have been a gentle tide of guidance and influence in my life and wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for this. I hope this part of your life is full of adventure and more loving wisdom! Have the best birthday ever dear Gary!
with gratitude, respect and love.

Paris Sethi

~ Happy Birthday from Paris in Belgium

~ Dennis Merritt Jones

Happy B-day!

Hi Linda,

What a great way to honor and celebrate Gary and his incredible contribution to humanity….and to me. As you know I have known Gary for over twenty-years. We first met when I invited him to come to my (then) spiritual community. Reading his book the Seat of The Soul was a life-changing event for me and I wanted to share it and him with the world! Read More

~ Radha B Reddy from Nashville

Dear Gary,

Happy Happy Birthday! I am happy I am sending this your way on your Birthday( on 17th). I thank Universe for your presence. Since my retreat to journey this July – ” is it love or is it fear” Has become the most awakening question in my life. ” Care give or care take” demands more integrity than I can muster sometimes. Path may not be easy always, but it is always clear. The retreat made me look my EGO ( my frightened parts) under microscope. Oprah Winfrey once said ” if we know better, we would do better”. Knowing better is half the battle in life. Thank you for caring enough to reduce our battle in half. The greatest tribute I can pay to you on your 70th Birthday is to resolve firmly – to act from the loving parts of my personality ( to the best of my ability). Thank you Linda for this opportunity! Hoping to get you both to Nashville sometime, Namaste!

Radha B Reddy
Nashville, TN

~ Gary and Rahda at Journey 2012

~ Steve Rosenberg from Kansas

Dear Gary,

As someone that has been educated through the doctorate level and who has also spent years in post doctorate training, I can honestly say that the wisest and more generous teacher I have ever encountered is you.

Thank you for your incredible contributions to humanity. You have helped to make my journey much easier to understand and much richer. I am a better person because of you.

Happy Birthday!

Steve Rosenberg
Leawood, Kansas

~ Phyllis Gardner

Dear Gary,

Happy Birthday! May your birthday be filled with love and appreciation for your own special Life.

As I think back to all the experiences we’ve shared over the years (the ones when we were physically together and those when we were energetically together), I feel blessed by all the opportunities knowing you and reading your words have brought to me. The learning has not always been easy; but in retrospect, I understand that at its most difficult, it couldn’t hold a candle to the pain of living in fear for so many years…Read More

~ Kevin Cusick’s Birthday Message

~ Lori Evans

Gary’s Birthday!!

Gary, you have inspired me so much. Like a lot of people, I first saw you on Oprah and then ran out and bought The Seat of the Soul immediately. It changed my life. Besides, Rich Bach, I hadn’t been introduced to souls and soulmates and how our relationships affects us. Gary, you are on my list of people who’ve changed my life by bringing my consciousness higher, getting me in touch with my authentic self, and helping me understand what my emotions are telling me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Gary, for all that you’ve given to me and the world. I for one am glad you were born and sharing your gifts with us! Many blessing and wishes to you as you begin your new birth year! Have an amazing 70th Birthday!

With love,

Lori Evans

~ Julie Hand

Julie Hand Birthday Greetings!

Dear Linda,

Thank you for creating the opportunity to share in the celebrations for Gary. He has been of tremendous influence to me via his consciousness-raising words. I am grateful for his delivery of truth and wisdom, particularly in “Spiritual Partnerships.” It seems that you and he have truly captured the essence of this, and it’s beautiful to witness. In essence, I suppose today is a celebration of life for both of you. Felicidades! Read More

~ Pure and simple: “LOVE Prevails.

~ Taryn Mavrodaris

Happy Birthday Gary

Dearest Gary,

I would like to extend my thanks to you for all that you have shown me in life. Your teachings and outlook on spirit have really helped me in my life. I am so grateful to have found a mentor like you. Thank-you for all your love and kindness. I wish you a blessed birthday and hope to one day meet you so show my love and reverence towards you in person.

Kind regards,

Taryn Mavrodaris

~ Gary with Mau Mau on Maui

~ Moira


What beauty you add to this world! Thank you and have a great birthday!


~ Yara Alvarenga

Have a wonderful year Gary! Lots of Love and Light.

Yara Alvarenga

~ Hazel Kitts

What I’ve Learned From Gary

I just recently read my first book by Gary: The Seat of the Soul.

I am a 65 year old Virginian female who has been searching for knowledge all my life. My parents were poor semi-religious people…their religion of choice: Pentacostal. I recall, at age 9 or 10, questioning the logic of how one man and one woman (Adam and Eve), with only two sons, could populate the earth. I was, and still am, both a literal person and a logical person. The response to my question: “We are not to question God”. Not good enough…Read More

~ Sam Durland from Australia

Celebrating Gary’s Seventieth Birthday

Dear Gary

Several years ago, I walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain with someone who has since become a spiritual partner. It was she who introduced me to your wonderful books. Walking the Camino and discovering your books has been a transformative experience. Now, I too, am seventy, and rather than looking ahead to some years of gradual (or speedy!) decline into old age, I have a very positive view of what the future may hold. This turnaround in my conception of the future is due, in part, to your teachings, resulting in a move from fear and doubt to love and trust. For these blessings I am most grateful. Congratulations and many happy returns!

Sam Durland

~ Kathryn Jones

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Gary,
I bought the Spiritual Partnership book last year and it has totally changed the way I live my life. I have also read some of your other books and completed the online course. Thank you for inspiring me and so many others to want to work towards creating authentic power and to take full responsibility for my life and the choices I’m making…Read More

~ Paula Orellana from Chile

Hi dear,

The book that change my life and made more sense to me them any other book was the Seat of the Soul, I learned why people do the things that they do, since fear is one of the main belief that is reinforce in our daily life to live by. I did not understand the power it had over me, them I learned about love being the most powerful belief that can change someone life for the better. Gary’s book have been easy for me to process and later apply the new information, It does not help to read so much and many books, if you are not understanding how to process and later apply the new ideas into your daily life. What a Blessing his writing has been for me.

Love Wins,
Paula Orellana

~ Josh

Hi Gary,

I just wanted to say how pleased I am that we have been able to co-create together and share your message and the message of authentic power with people all over the world, through the wonderful medium of video.

Have a wonderful birthday and I look forward to seeing you soon.

– Josh

~ Julie

Dear Gary,

I am so grateful for all of your teachings. You have a true gift in explaining how to work towards authentic power.
Thank you for all that you have shared with us!

Much gratitude,


~ Karen Ferguson

~ Marcelle from the UK

Dear Mr Gary Zukav

I’m grateful for this chance to tell you how, because of you, my views on life advanced…beyond dark thoughts of suicide and which way best to die and self-berating inner talk and ceaseless thoughts of “WHY???” Why is life so difficult? Why on earth do I exist? Read More

~ Maria Hutchinson


On your birthday, I’d like to share a poem my mother wrote. A month or so after she left us, my father found it jotted on a notepad. In the years following her passing, as I immersed myself in your book Seat of the Soul (and similar), I have come to realize that she was more conscious than any of us knew…Read Poem

~ A lovely offer from one of our publishers

~ Click on the image to go to their offering

~ Norma Harrison

Happy 70th Birthday Gary!!

I want to thank you for the gift you gave to me through your book “Seat of the Soul”. My whole life (I am 65) I have been deathly afraid of heights. After reading your book that fear was released and has never returned. I read this book several years ago and it was one of the books that began my spiritual journey. I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom and inspiration in this and your other books..I have read them all.

Thank you for the gifts you have given to so many. Have a wonderful birthday!

Norma Harrison

~ Denise Astrup

Hi Gary,

The first time I saw you was on the Oprah show in the mid 90’s. It was a dark time for me so I was searching for something, anything that could help me find a way out of the depression I was in. And there you were on the Oprah show. What was so good about it was that I understood what you were talking about it was almost like an awaking. I have all your books and love them all. But the “Seat of the Soul” is special to me as it shone a light for me when I was in a very dark place. So please believe me when I wish you a very Happy Birthday it comes from ( THE SEAT OF MY SOUL )

Lots of love to you and Linda,

Denise Astrup

~ Kyra

Dear Gary,

You have been one of my gurus for a long time–it started when I saw you on Oprah and was inspired to read your book, Seat of the Soul. It was an amazing book that was full of insights and valuable life-changing and life-enhancing wisdom. Thank you for all you have shared to help my growth and evolution in this lifetime.

Kyra Waldron

~ Ram Dass

Gary’s 70

Gary, aging is fun, isn’t it.
Love and Namaste’,
Ram Dass

~ Ram Dass and Gary Monday Morning on Maui

~ Diane from Colorado Springs

What a wonderful Birthday gift for Gary!

Here’s my contribution:

I first discovered Gary when I saw him on Oprah many many years ago. I was impressed with his wisdom and serenity and wanted to know more. I immediately purchased his book ‘Seat of the Soul’ and devoured it. I had been off of my spiritual path for the majority of my life and was lost. His book turned my life around and was instrumental in directing me back through the woods to my path, where I have now found compassion, joy, love, and a passion for life! Gary is on my list of the most influential people in my life, and I am so very grateful for him, his words, and his presence on the planet. When ever anybody starting out on their spiritual journey asks me what books they should read, ‘Seat of the Soul’ is the first book I recommend.

Thank you from the depths of my soul, and Happy Birthday!

Diane Alexander
Colorado Springs, Colorado

~ Tony

in life, love, truth + trust… thank you Gary~

Thank you Gary for your service… You helped stimulate an understanding that moves beyond emotional intelligence… To live and be able to acknowledge inspired harmonious relations… can cause a way for us to escape danger and destruction… Our truth with love and trust equates to a real joy in freedom…

Truly yours,
In love + trust,

~ Heather from South Africa

GARY ZUKAV – 70th birthday

Heyho lovely people from Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa !

Love to wish Gary on his 70th as follows …

“Dearest Gary – May your 70th birthday be blessed with laughter, fun and happy surprises! ‘Seat of the Soul’ formed an integral part of the start on my journey to seek authentic power, wholeness, purpose, find me, joy + live my dream. To continue singing, painting, dancing, thriving and living life – Of course the journey continues … I salute you on touching the lives of millions and for all you and Linda are doing! – Am attaching one of my paintings, as a self taught artist and a pic of moi – Big Hug to you and Linda + do hope we meet in person in this lifetime … xxoo ”

Heather de Wit

~ Blissful Oil

~ Debbie from Ohio

Happy Birthday Gary

Dearest Gary,

We have never met, yet you have touched my life like no other. I have read and followed your work since the late 1980’s and have been to several of your seminars in Colorado and California. Everyday I read from the Seat of the Soul. I pick a random page, set my intent, and I’m always blessed with an appropriate answer. Thank you for being on Oprah’s network and sharing your amazing insights with so many who are in need of an answer. May your 70th birthday be everything.

From love, to love,
Debbie Henry
Springfield, Ohio

~ The Power of the Heart from the Netherlands

We hope you have the best Birthday ever today! Another year is added, but also another opportunity for spiritual growth and joy. Wishing you a happy, joyful and prosperous birthday!


From the filmmakers in the Netherlands

~ Baptist and Gary enjoying the pool

~ Freita and Gene


On the 17th of October, the Universe welcomed, with open arms, a gentle spirit that has not only impacted our lives, but also the lives of millions with your shared wisdom for the Soul. For years, I have randomly flipped through my desk top copy of Thoughts from The Seat of the Soul: Meditations for Souls in Process for a daily message from you, which has so often spoken to my heart and soul. In honor of your birthday, I asked for a message for you using your own words of wisdom. Randomly, I flipped to this daily meditation– Reverence is simply the experience of accepting that all Life is, in and of itself, of value.

We love you and honor you on your special day.

Freita and Gene

~ Gloria

Happy Birthday!!!!

Dear Gary,

Happy Birthday!!!May you be Blessed and Honored on your Special Birth Day, for all that you have been and all that you are!!! Love flows from you so effortlessly…I met you Oct.27th in Boston, I cried and cried thru the whole evening, there is someplace deep inside me that was touched by your Presence,,,your Authenticity, Love, Respect, Joy, Compassion, that you so gently, & freely shared with everyone…Read More

~ Bernie and Elizabeth Shelton from Australia

Happy Birthday Gary.

It is your birthday but we want to celebrate and thank you for the gift you have been – and are – to us, and all of those whose lives you have touched. We first saw you on the Oprah show many years ago and you touched our hearts. We promptly started purchasing your books and CD’s and now have quite a collection. We have also recently joined yours and Linda’s Awakening to Spiritual Partnership after hearing you and Linda on the Aware Show. We were/are continually inspired by your wisdom, compassion, gentleness, openness, honesty and unconditional love. Just to listen to your voice instills a sense of calm. So have a wonderful celebration Gary, of the incredible being that you are, and thank you so much Linda, for giving us this opportunity.

Our love and appreciation.

Bernie and Elizabeth Shelton (Australia)

~ Anonymous

How Gary helped me

Thank you, Linda, for this opportunity to tell my story and to convey my gratitude to Gary (and you!). I saw Gary on the Oprah show years back when he was first discussing Seat of the Soul. The message of the show resonated with me and I bought the book at once. At the time I was at a very low point in my life, having come to the realization that, due to my very dutiful and submissive nature, I had made several really significant wrong decisions in my life and lived my life in a permanent state of sadness which I felt unable to escape.I was extremely depressed and didn’t feel like continuing to live…” Read More

~ Astar

~ You are a light many best wishes Astar

~ Aurelio

I LOVE Gary Zukov!…

Hi, Linda!… My name is Aurelio Sablone… I was introduced to Gary while I was going through my “Dark Night of the Soul” 3 years ago… Depression, Divorce, Loss of Job, Loss of Savings and Emotional Anquish…I was drawn to order Gary’s audio book for “Seat of the Soul”… I listened to it while I worked out in the gym… over and over again… It literally changed my life, as I learned of concepts that I truly already “knew” and resonated with deep inside me. It guided me as I struggled through my fear and confusion, and I am very grateful to Gary for this.

I’d like to gift a song to Gary called, “Nothing To Lose”, which I’ve recently written and recorded.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Nothing to Lose by Aurelio” dl=”0″]


~ Sissy

Sissy Pavolic – Oprah

I remember watching Gary’s first interview on Oprah. It was an empowering, enlightening and transforming hour for me! I was so mesmerized by his energy and words. I remember feeling “Wow, he’s speaking a language that I’m so in tune with…a language that resonates so deeply within me…” Read More

~ Mary

A very Happy Birthday to you Gary.

I am so delighted to have this opportunity to wish you a Happy Birthday (thank you Linda). I can never thank you enough for all your inspiration, and especially for the day in 1998 when I picked up Seat of the Soul , the day my new journey began.

Have a great day,

Lots of love


~ Thereze Gretzén from Sweden

Happy 70th Gary

Dear Linda!
I found Gary’s book “the seat of the soul” at a flea market this summer. I had never heard about Gary before, but I felt like I just had to read it, so I bought the book. I felt like every word was written just for me. Something inside me awakened, so many of my questions were answered. This is now my favorite book and I have read it over and over again and I will keep it forever. I want to celebrate Gary’s birthday with greetings from Sweden. Thank you for the love you are spreading over the world. Thank you for sending the words to me when I needed it the most.

Happy 70th Gary!

Thereze Gretzén, Sweden

~ Eric

Happy 70th Birthday Gary

To Gary,

“…’a flame has been ignited in you but it’s a little flame and it’s in a big room like a cathedral and you have to feed the flame or it may go out…the love that they give to you is the love that you will give to them'” You feeding the flame made it shine so bright that it was able to reach me. A child from a working class immigrant family…Read More

Linda, Eric P and Gary at Journey to the Soul Retreat

~ Teresa

Dear Gary,

First of all Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for being here with us and sharing your knowledge. I first acquired a copy of Dancing Wu Li Masters probably 30 years ago. Oddly enough I have kept a copy of the book near at hand for all these years but I would only pick it up occasionally and read a little at a time. This is unusual because I am an avid reader…Read More

~ Audra

Dear Gary,

I wish you a fabulous new decade! It is my pleasure to remember you as a neighbor and a friend.

Shortly after we moved to Mt. Shasta in 1992, my sister told me she had just read a book by someone who lived in Mt. Shasta, “Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav she explained. “He’s my neighbor”, I told her…Read More

Mt. Shasta where we were neighbors with Audra

~ António Andrade Regards from Portugal

Your book, Seat of the Soul, “came to me” in an important time in my life. It was a marvelous expansion of consciousness, that make me realize that I was not alone in this hearth journey. It’s my spiritual reference book, and I advise it to everyone that is prepared to accept its teachings. I fully share your vision and practice, about the future (present) of conscious relationships, as you live and describe in your book Spiritual partnership. I’m grateful to you for being a vehicle of diffusion of light.

God bless you.
God bless us all.

Thank you for all Linda.

Regards from Portugal

António Andrade

~ Bob

Dear Gary;

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each one of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us” Albert Schweitzer. From the chance meeting in Hawaii 3 years ago till now as I sit here in Saudi Arabia, your energy has rekindled, guided and enlightened my path. Thank you, thank you and Happy Birthday.

With Love, Bob Simpson