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Intuition allows you to communicate with non-physical Teachers. Learn how in this video.

Added 9/21/2014


Our evolution now requires close attention to emotions and a higher order of logic and understanding that originates in the heart.

Added 8/4/2014


Oprah Winfrey shares her insights on Authentic Power

Oprah Winfrey shares her insights about the importance of authentic power – aligning personality with soul – with Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Added 7/30/2014


Seat of the Soul Life School presents “Reverence” — an exploration of what it means and how it works.

Added 7/9/2014

The New Creation Story

Seat of the Soul Life School presents ‘The New Creation Story’, an illuminating talk about the evolution of our species which is occurring individual by individual and conscious choice by conscious choice.

Added 6/17/2014