Thank you Gary!


Around some 15 years ago I received your book “The Seat of the Soul” as a gift from a very dear friend of mine. I was 27 then and reading it completely set me into a new way of thinking and view of life, and into a new search that has continued ever since. After that I have encountered many different resources and authors, but I have to say that reading you book was what triggered in me the hunger for more knowledge and spiritual growth. It completely steered my in the direction -I now know, I was meant to go. You have been an inspiration in my life and I thank you for your bravery in following your own path and life’s purpose and sharing it with us all. I truly wish I can do the same with my own path and follow your example, and make my own contribution to the world in the role I have to play in this lifetime.

Happy 70th Birthday Gary!
And many more!

With love and respect,