Happy Birthday!!!!

Dear Gary,

Happy Birthday!!!May you be Blessed and Honored on your Special Birth Day, for all that you have been and all that you are!!! Love flows from you so effortlessly…I met you Oct.27th in Boston, I cried and cried thru the whole evening, there is someplace deep inside me that was touched by your Presence,,,your Authenticity, Love, Respect, Joy, Compassion, that you so gently, & freely shared with everyone… At the time I totally did not know what was going on w/me , the tears were like giant waves……I quietly allowed them to flow……..and am deeply grateful to have met you and experienced the tenderness of Love…….The next day my dearest mother-in-law whom I loved dearly passed and it became quite chaotic in the family since it was sudden , and there was no will………I was able to stay calm & centered and guide my husband to do the same since he was in charge,she had left him a letter to be open after her death, not knowing what was in it…….my husband had to Trust what my intuition was telling me to share w/him…….he did, we had her service at her son’s camp which she loved to go and fish in the summer…….it took patience and work on our part to stay calm and wait it out…….the family finally was able to agree,,,to have service @ the camp…it was beautiful, lots of sharing of our own personal gifts candles , music, flowers, poems and memories of Dear Mom, and her ashes were sprinkled , w/her favorite flowers pink, red, white carnations, the magic, and Presence of Love it totally blew my heart open as did others……..After the service we all went inside and myself & husband , his sister & husband, and 2 brothers & wives, gathered together as my life-partner read her note and Gary…….her wishes were that her ashes be put in the lake at the camp. and the rest I’m sure was Beyond words……….and I know today that having been in your Presence and energy field, something deep was happening within, to prepare me to stay calm, centered and able to listen and Trust what had come thru for me……….and to speak it , and be heard was a Miracle……….so thank you Gary, for Being You……I feel honored , blessed to have met you. I appreciate all that you give to help humanity heal the pain. I hope you don’t mind I share this with you at this time, for some reason it felt like the time …I never thought about it in this way except at this moment………Thank you for your gift of you………..and may you have a most Precious, Loving, Awesome, Delightful birthday……….. perhaps one day we will meet again.

Love & Blessings Gloria