Happy Birthday Gary!

I wanted to share my appreciation for the opportunities that you have
provided for me.

My most dramatic downfall occurred when I went through a divorce, as you
already know.

I had a spiritual partner (marriage councilor) that suggested to me that I
needed more friends and that I needed to learn to love myself, and
appreciate myself for the person that I am. He also suggested to me that I
needed to be more aware of the loving parts of my personality, and not be so
focused on the negative aspects of my personality.

My marriage councilor had his own terminology for loving and frightened
parts and referred to FP as “habits”. He said that I needed more true
“friends” – which is what Gary and Linda refer to as “spiritual partners”.

The universe also presented another spiritual partner to me, Leo, who
introduced me to Gary and Linda. It was the loving environment that Gary
and Linda created in their gatherings and programs (including
APP) that allowed me to become more aware of my loving parts, as well
as being able to experience them and appreciate them. I was also
able to focus more on my loving parts then my FP. I have made many
wonderful “spiritual partners’ at these events as well. The
spiritual partnership guidelines gave me a basis to refer to and helped to
guide me along my path.

The environment that you(Gary and Linda) have created is truly unique,
supporting, nourishing and learning, all at the same time. I will be
forever grateful for that opportunity. I am a believer that
the learning will be ongoing for me. I am grateful to be more aware
of my loving parts and to feel as though I am able to continue to grow daily
and that I have such strong and clear spiritual partnership guidelines and
spiritual partners to help me along my path.

A very, very Happy, Healthy and Loving birthday to you, Gary! And many
more equally as wonderful!
With lover