Happy Birthday and Thanks Gary

Dear Gary,

Happy Birthday. I want to let you know that, your teaching and insights have influenced my life immeasurably. I first read Seat of The Soul in the early 90’s. At this time I had started what turned out to be a lifelong spiritual quest, nurtured by many teachers but, few with as concise and direct impact as yours. It took me along time to find Conscious choice but, when I did the impact on my life was and is exponential. I had known since I was a child that my intuition was strong although I always felt uncomfortable with it, thinking it was different and not knowing how to use it. That one insight of being multi sensory learned from Conscious Choice, may be the single most valuable tool I utilize. Thank you, for your contribution to the people of the earth school and in particular me and my family. Your techniques have reached others in my sphere of influence on a daily basis without them knowing. An example its a gentleman that after 3 interviews with me decided to stay with his current employer. In spite of the tremendous opportunity I was offering him, he opted to stay put and blamed it on me. Expounding, he detailed how I had helped him think through and communicate more effectively with his current boss.

Again, Have a wonderful 70th Celebration

Your Friend Gary Harvey