Dear Gary

What a wonderful gift for Linda to give you for your 70th year. When I read
her invitation I was very touched and immediately put pen to hand (so to
speak) because I’ve always wanted to say something to you.

Your book “Seat of the Soul” was the first one of yours I read and within
the first few pages I breathed a deep sigh, cried and felt connected for the
first time in a very long time. I don’t remember how many years ago it was
that I read “Seat of the Soul” but it was when it first came out.

I still have the book (and all of your books) and in fact have two copies
now because when my partner and I were dating, I introduced him to “Seat of
the Soul” and he brought it with him when we moved in together.

When I feel alone or lost or stuck, I suddenly remember and go to your book.
I open the book at no particular page and start reading. Without fail, I
begin to breathe deeply and feel connected. I remember why I’m here and I
remember what matters.

Around the year 2000, I had an opportunity to change my career into
something more meaningful and I wanted to very badly but was too afraid to
stand up in front of crowds, present etc. I decided to ignore my fear and do
it anyway but the day I was driving to my first presentation I was terrified
and sick to my stomach. I stopped at a traffic light and decided that I had
to turn around because there was no way I could do it without making a
complete ass of myself.

Your words came into my mind about everything stemming from love or fear so
I took a deep breath and asked myself why I wanted to present and teach. I
wanted to do such work to connect with others and learn/teach about bringing
more of our authentic selves into workplaces as well as everyday life. I
realized that it was a now or never moment for me. I would either live my
life through fear or I would share the gifts I had and be who I was meant to

I chose to live in love and have never forgotten the feeling of peace and
calm that came over me while sitting at that traffic light, and as I drove
to the first day of a new, more meaningful career path.

“Seat of the Soul” has always been first on the reading list that I offer
others who want find meaning in their lives. It has certainly been my most
important reading.

Thank you for the work you do Gary. You’re a lovely human being and our
world is very lucky to have people like you who are willing to give so much
of yourself.

Yours Truly