Dear Gary,

So you are finally turning 70! I reached that age five years ago and let me
tell you, that is when Life really begins!
Having the breadth of life behind you, you are now allowed full access to
the depths.

My memories of you are funomenal. You don’t probably recall this, but years
ago, you found my brother Robert Houston, wandering around lost, in his
first trip to San Francisco, and kindly took him on a tour all over that
grand city in your red car. Now that’s the workings of a Mensch.
For those what are reading this and not familiar with Yiddish–a mensch is a
full person. A mensch is the opposite of a Nebbish. A Nebbish is someone
who, when he enters the room, you feel as if soeone has left. But with a
mensch like Gary, ahhh, when a Mensch walks down the street, even the
sidewalk gets happy.

I remember how startled I was at the Universal Human Conference 20 years
ago, when you appeared dressed and adorned as the Goddess Aphrodite when we
presenters played the Olympian Gods.
You were one of the most beautiful woman-goddesses I and the entire
conference had ever seen. No one laughed, as you were the epitome of beauty,
grace and womanly power. Here was this tough former Green Beret guy
incarnating the Goddess of Love. Yes!

Then there was the time a few years back when you and the other Gents of
Ashland, Jimmy Twyman and Neale Walsch spoke at my traiining school for
social artists.
Again you became the Soul of Social Artistry.

Who are you Gary Zukav, to have so many incarnations residing in you? And
who will you yet become? Or perhaps you are really resonant with the One,
who we know contains all of the Many.

I love you Gary and I know this 70th Birthday is cause for high and holy and
hilarious celebration.

Jean Houston