I recently recevied a copy of your your book from GOD…NO seriously GOD brought it to me to read. I was more than moved and more than touched by your words. Arch Angel Michael brought me to a place where two people were praying for hope…for an answer from God and thier angels. I surrendered as I have many times to drive to this place I had never gone and didn’t know why but did it. I met a gentalman named Curtis and a woman named Kirstin. They both were depressed and felt they were on ther last leg of hope. The were homeless, Curtis was out of work, Kirstin was working a job that she felt defeated at and they were mentally in a bad place. Kirstin told me she prayed to God and Jesus for a miracle all morning. After hearing this I understood exactly why I was there. Arch Angel Michael channeled in me and transmuted all there fears to Love and understanding. I with Arch Angel Michael speaking for me transformed Curtis to such a level with Michael’s words that after I left him he began journaling and treating his wife better and changed his whole being. He was a man that grew up in Brooklyn New York and suffered numerous pains. He was tough and not in touch with his heart. When I left that day I told him and his wife we would not swap phone numbers or addresses but GOD would bring us back together when the time was right. I told them there worlds would be transformed and when we saw each other next they would not be the same.One and a half months later at a totally different location God brought me to Curtis again. Curtis started crying and told me how I changed his life and how he got a job and they were moving into an apartment and everything was wonderful and it changed because of me. I expressed it was GOD working through me with Arch Angel Michael’s help.At this second meeting he gave me a copy of your book The Seat to the Soul. He said he felt very compelled for me to read it! I read it and it was FANTASTIC….. :)! You are remarkable and I feel blessed to have read your words. So now you understand how God brought that book to me. This was a hand delivered present of thanks and gratuide for my surrendering.THANK YOU MY FRIEND WITH MUCH GRAITUDE!!!!!!!! Your words and whole being is Beautiful and filled with pure LOVE. ~NAMASTE~


Jill Butler
Liverpool, New York