Happy 70th Gary!!!

When I was about 17, my mother would sometimes come into my room early in the morning before school and read parts of The Seat Of The Soul to me. She had seen Gary on the Oprah TV show in our town in Australia and bought the book.

Although I was half asleep with my eyes closed I understood much of the teachings, as they rang true for me. My mum was reading me parts that she had particularly resonated with, or had questions about and wanted to discuss with someone. We would chat about it. My mother was open and exploring spirituality.

I travelled almost consecutively for 5 years from the age of 19. In the middle of this I rediscovered Seat Of The Soul and then Soul Stories. These books/teachings were dear to me, and guided me forward whilst experiencing parts of the world.

I am now 32 and though I experience significant ups and downs in my life it is largely thanks to Gary’s work that I know I am a student in the earth school, and the tools are there for me to work with –along with a road map!

Although I have never met Gary, I consider him to be a close, key person/soul in my life. I am so grateful for his efforts striving for growth and clarity, his suffering from which he has shared the fruits, his warmth, and for the amazing body of work he has given to the world.
Of course I like parts of many spiritual traditions and teachers but Gary’s teachings have always been the most true for me. He is truly a wonderful and kind spiritual teacher.

Deepest thankyou Gary from my heart, and wishing you the best 70th birthday ever! May your 8th decade be full of love and growth : )

I will continue learning!

Love Always,

Josh O’Dwyer
Canberra, Australia

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