Hope you have a wonderful birthday Gary,

I bought the Spiritual Partnership book last year and it has totally changed the way I live my life. I have also read some of your other books and completed the online course. Thank you for inspiring me and so many others to want to work towards creating authentic power and to take full responsibility for my life and the choices I’m making. I have never felt such freedom in looking inside myself to make the changes I need to make instead of blaming others or things outside of myself if I’m not liking the consequences of my choices. I have passed on my knowledge and books to friends and family and it is so exciting to see how they are changing the way they live their lives through your life transforming books. Thank you for sharing your love, light and wisdom with so many people. I look forward to meeting you and Linda at the Journey to the Soul retreat next year.

Wishing you joy and best wishes for your special day.

Kind Regards

Kathryn Jones