G’day Gary and Linda,

I would like to start by telling you how instrumental your books have been
to my transformation.

I found Seat of the Soul in 1998 ( or rather the book found me) and read it
at a time of great emotional and physical pain. I was scheduled for major
surgery and my marriage needed an overhaul. I had been recording your tv
appearances with Oprah and trying to get my husband to watch them, in the
hope that he would “get it”. Unbeknown to me then, that was not my job – to
try to change him!

I won’t bore you with details, suffice to say that I had the surgery, and I
believe that during that “big sleep” under anaesthetic, and the weeks of
stillness in recovery, God/The Universe really spoke to me, and my Soul knew
undoubtedly that I wasn’t living authentically….
And then the journey began.

I found a voice that I had forgotten I was born to use and I had to be
re-minded. As a consequence of that, my marriage didn’t survive (new
female/old male), some friends were lost, and a transformed Lillian emerged.
What intrigues me is that it doesn’t stop! Each day I continue to discover
old patterns of thinking and of doing things, that I need to die to. Some
days are just sooo wonderful, and others seem sooo hard! Despite that, I’m
grateful for all of it.

I grew up in South Africa under the Apartheid system (on the wrong side of
it), so there has been a heck of a lot of negative “conditioning” that still
emerges in my thoughts and actions, that I have to continually challenge.
Your books have helped me, and continue to help me to do just that. So for
that I thank you.

I remember hearing you once say that when something you, Gary, has written
or said resonates with us, we mustn’t say, “Gary said…..”
or “Gary wrote….” because it was something that was already within us,
something we already knew. It just took you, Gary, to write or say it, and
for me to hear it and be re-minded about what I already knew.

I thought that was so profound, and also showed again what a generous Spirit
you are ( but then I knew that from the first time I saw you on Oprah).
What is also amazing, is that a year or so after my husband left the
marriage, he borrowed Soul Stories and Seat of the Soul, and I discovered
that he was quoting from them to numerous people. How good is that! We have
a laugh about that now. He and I are still friends because I realized that
he was my Soul Mate (one of many) and will always be grateful to him.

So Gary, from this truly grateful Soul to another beautiful Soul, Thank You.
You have been a conduit to my authenticity….and the journey is to be

Have a wonderful 70th birthday celebration, and I hope that you and Linda
continue to inspire humanity.

Be blessed,
With much love and appreciation,