I discovered Gary’s book, Seat of the Soul, online. I was conversing with an online friend who was quite mysterious. We were only online friends and I didn’t know much about this person. To this day I don’t know whether this person was male or female.

We were talking about our belief systems and the friend said that I was ready to read “Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav. I asked for details, but the friend only said that I should check out the book. (This was in the ’90s before Oprah even mentioned anything about Gary or his book.)

I kept the book in mind, but didn’t go out to get it right away.

One Friday after work I was puttering around at home and was suddenly hit with thought that I should go to Barnes & Noble and see if I could find “Seat of the Soul.” I got to the bookstore and went to the New Age section. I was looking for the book when a young man came up to me and asked if he could help me find something. I told him the name of the book and we both were on a mission to find the book.

One of us finally did find the book and he asked me why I was interested in the book and what I knew about it. I relayed what I knew to him, which wasn’t much. I noticed then that this young man had a t-shirt on with the logo of the School of Medicine where I worked. I asked him if he was a resident there. He told me that he wasn’t, but he was an employee. I told him I worked there too, and then we exchanged names. I was shocked to learn who he was! He and I had a mutual friend in common, who kept telling us both about each other because we had so many beliefs in common. She intended to introduce us, but never had the opportunity.

This meeting led to a long friendship and so much personal growth for me. Not only did Gary’s book influence my life, but this man brought so much to me that enriched me. We shared thoughts as we both read “Seat of the Soul” and sometimes used the book like an oracle – opening it to random pages to get a message.

I love this chance meeting and the story of how it came about, all because of a book I treasure!

Happy Birthday Gary, and thank you for enriching my life in so many ways!