To Gary and Linda:

For me the real meaning of celebrating Gay’s birthday is to celebrate the re-birth of the real meaning of the concept of authentic power which is expressed in Gary’s life. Gary is a medium. Is an instrument through whom the concept of authentic power was given again to the human race. When I met him I felt the presence of a very high kind of human being. I felt the presence of the “universal human”. I felt myself in the presence of a “elevated man”. A kind of high spirit. An eternal and perennial human being.

Your “voice” (all the sense of the word) Gary, is beautiful, and it seems to come from a very deep space in time. I have no words to express how important is what you have written in your books specially in the Seat of the Soul. Since I read it I can no teach to my students anything different from what is in there. Harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life is all what we need at this turning point in human history. In this positive crisis. In this rebirthing of the human species.

Thanks for your life. Thanks for the moments you gave me in Dahlonega and Mont Shasta. Thanks for the moments you give me daily.

If you are still alive it means you have still something to do; that your mission haven’t finished. I wonder what else? You are already a complete present to humankind. Congratulations. You deserve all that has been said and written about you. You are among us simply a portrait of what God is.

Mauricio Cardona E.