Happy Birthday Gary! From Mexico

I can never explain all the great things Gary and Linda’s work has helped me with and how it has changed my life! I have made profound changes in my life that started with me being extremely depressed- almost killing myself twice and being a cutter before I found their work to now living happily in Merida, Mexico surrounded by a wonderful group of friends I love very much and know they love me. I have been very inspired by new home in Mexico and began reconnecting with my painting again. I have been consistently hired to paint portraits of peoples dogs since I started showing my friends my work and the painting I have attached I named Spiritual Partners after Gary’s book because I was listening to the audio version of it while I painted and it is about my wish to finally find a good spiritual partner for myself.

The skeleton is called a Katrina doll in Mexico and is typically associated with Day of the Dead but I have always loved skulls and skeletons because to me they represent seeing myself and others inside not just the surface so this Katrina doll represents opening up my true self to someone and she looks happy and secure doing so. She is holding a rose outlined in gold representing the growth and gold being in love offers and she holds a heart with a yin/yang representing the balance that needs to exist in real love.
I included the Virgin of Guadalupe because she is another popular image I see all around me here in Mexico and I have begun talking to her and St. Jude often and every time I do my prayers are answered. The boy on the bottom is usually sitting under the Virgin. He is St. Juan Diego- the native Indian that the Virgin of Guadalupe appeared to. he is holding up and supporting the couple in love surrounding them with roses.

This is a very special painting to me. I love everything I do and put my all in every piece but this one flowed so beautifully out of me onto the canvas and I was feeling so much joy and love as I watched it show itself and become what it was meant to be. It is 5ft by 3ft and I am so happy I stumbled on Gary’s Spiritual Partnership book at the exact same time I was working on this painting.

Live in Love and thank you so much for all of your great work, Gary!

I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many more years of living in total love with your wonderful spiritual partner Linda!

Love to both of you!
Mel Blossom