Dear Gary

My name is Mohammed and I want to thank you for being such a positive light in my life.When I was 18 yrs old I believe I experienced what some describe as a mid-life crisis altho mine was happening much earlier in life. I had left my small home town to live in the city and suddenly I was studying a career I hated,living in a place completely unfamiliar to me,surrounded by no family or friends,unsure of who I really was and completely out of my comfort zone. At that point all my external devices had abandoned me and I suddenly started to question who I really was-for up to this point in my life I had been doing everything to please others and as a result I had no
idea who I was. Completely consumed by fear and hopelessness I had no one or nothing to turn to and I started slipping into a very lonely depression. I remember standing on top of a building one day and feeling like nothing was stopping me from jumping-but something inside me felt like I needed to hang on. That feeling led me to seeing you on the Oprah show for the first time and suddenly a ray of light had shone on my dark mental state. It was the beginning of my journey to authentic power but at the time I did not know this. I just remember being fixated with everything you would say and its like you were talking directly to me. Even though I could not make sense of it all mentally, it resonated with me on a deeper level.The humility you portrayed and the gentle and loving way in which you spoke to the audience had touched me deeply.One day I walked into a book store and on the shelf I saw the only copy of Seat of the soul.Its like it had been waiting for me.I remember reading it and at the time my 18 year old mind,tainted by years of conditioning and indoctrination, struggled with some of the terminology and concepts. But with each sentence I read and took time to ponder a greater awareness came about. You were able to break down the complexity of life into simple concepts and anaologies and I began to gain amazing clarity.I could feel my soul awakening again. You had changed my life forever with your book and presence on the Oprah show and I may have taken a very different road had it not been for you. I am now a 30 year old man and thanks to you I have been able to choose a career I love-empowering youth in this country to live their most authentic lives. You gave me the
strength,guidance and tools at a time where no one else could or new how. You spoke to my soul. To this day you remain to be one of the people I most admire and “The seat of the soul” remains to be one of my favourite books of all time. As you enter the next decade of your earthly life I want to say Thank you! Thank you for being such an amzing soul who has touched my life so deeply – across the globe in a different country and culture you were with me all the way. May this next decade of your life continue to be embraced with love and light for you have been a light to me and so many others. From the seat of my soul I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday!

With much Love and light all the way from South Africa!