Dear Gary,

I was so thrilled to have an opportunity to write this to you in hopes that
you would receive my message of deep love and gratitude.

Seat of the Soul literally set me free.

Fifteen years ago, I saw you on Oprah and my mind was blown away with your
words and my heart cracked wide open. Your book inspired my VERY first baby
steps to an incredible spiritual path that I have been on ever since. I love
to say that you were responsible for my divorce…lol…and I mean that
truly in a good way. Your teachings gave me the fuel and courage to end a
bad relationship and somehow my life and the lives of my children just kept
on changing for the better.

So thank you Gary….I believe the Holy Spirit worked through you by putting
my feet at the beginning of the right path. The spiritual path that you
inspired in me has since led me to become a student of A Course in
Miracles, and it was your words that laid the foundation for this amazing
learning experience.

The world needs more people like you and I just wanted so very much to say
THANK YOU for being a dedicated and wonderful teacher.

Happy Birthday to a dear dear friend.

Much love,