Happy Birthday Gary!


I am twenty seven years old. I came across your work rather recently, at a time when I was experiencing deep pain and suffering. Ever since I chanced upon your work, I have been hooked.
Just as exercise rejuvenates my body, reading your books, listening to your videos, and putting the advice to action has rejuvenated my personality. I have seen tremendous benefits of cultivating authentic power already. Thanks to you, I am now far from contemplating suicide or suffering in pain and sorrow.

You know Gary, I have never met my grandparents as they were gone even before I was born and have no recollection of meeting my great grandparents. I see them all in you.
I live a million miles away from you, yet I am drawn to your spirit and feel like I have known you. Just as the Tibetian monks offered you solace when your friend committed suicide, your words offer me solace when I am in pain and for that I am ever grateful!

Have a blessed 70th birthday year Gary!

Much love,