Dear Mr. Zukav

I wish u a very happy 70th bday. my best wishes to u. read ur book seat of the soul in 1997. saw all your show when u came on Oprah. learn so much from u an ur book. Changed my life forever when I read about “Intention” and whole other book. whole book endup getting highlighted. I have been in spiritual journey since 1993. but since 1997 when I got this book I understand whole new concepts of Intention. As million of others I am one of that billion person whos life got richer after reading that book. I recommended to lots of my friends and gave them few. I just love ur energy wish to meet you in future. Because since last few years all my dreams are coming true. I have personally meet Dr wayne dyer, dr Oz., dr Brian weiss, Dr Mono Lisa Shultz, talk to Dr Christian Northrup and Marrianne williamson. you are in my list with OPRAH. last friday saw mr President Obama. So love to meet u one day. For last four years I am doing what I always love my dream job- teach meditation in hospital. again wish u best in life and thanks from bottom of my soul to help so many of us. YOU ARE TRULY A BLESSING ON THIS EARTH. Always watch you. love and Radhasoami (mystic word).

Purnima from northern Virginia