Hi Spiritual Friends!

What a great honor it is to be a part of Gary’s 70th Birthday Celebration!!! Thank You Linda for inviting all of us!

Gary, you have been a dear friend to me ever since I purchased Seat of the Soul many years ago. You’ve inspired me through your words and message. You elude such poise, humbleness and Love. Just being in your presence, through books, your web page or conversing with Oprah, makes me want to be a better Soul! And I have been, because of you.

What Gary represents in this World:

Generous in Spirit
Young at Heart

Aligned with All that is Good

Quick story: I was traveling by plane years ago and accidentally left my Seat of the Soul book under my seat. My very first reaction when I realized it wasn’t with me was, “Well,whoever finds this, will be given a gift.” When I returned home from my trip a week later, I asked the airlines if they found my book.
They had it! It was returned to me…… 🙂

Thank You sooo much for All that you Are and your Positive Impact on this World!!
Hope to one day get to meet you in person 🙂

Many more Celebrations!
~ Rachel