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Immersive learning for

personal transformation

It’s like you are a great painter and your life is the canvas.

Are you ready to experience real and lasting change in your life? Join Gary Zukav and Linda Francis on a year-long learning journey in which you will dive into the new consciousness on planet Earth as you learn and practice the key tools for an authentically powerful life sourced from love.

To create Authentic Power, you align your personality with your soul. To do that, you need to find every part of your personality that doesn’t align with — or want to align with — your soul.

Real life. Real people. Real change. Your life just as it is, your gifts, and your challenges provide all the lessons and opportunities you need to embark on the transformation your soul is calling for: away from external power, emotional turmoil, and unconscious choices toward the love-infused life you were born to create — based on Authentic Power, Emotional Awareness, Conscious Intention, and Spiritual Partnership.

If love is all there is, what could a world based in love be? We can only find out by creating a life from love

Curious? The 12-month Journey to the Soul includes

  • Four 3-day interactive online retreats (January, April, July, October)
  • Preparation materials and follow-up before and after each retreat
  • In-depth support between retreats to support you in applying what you are learning to your life.
    • Calls every other week
    • Exercises
    • Support activities
    • Special interactive support on the Soul2Soul Community
  • Access to the Soul2Soul online community for conversation and support
The Journey to the Soul Retreat creates a safe and sacred environment for deeply transformational spiritual growth. Together we become a community of spiritual partners exploring Authentic Power, both learning and practicing how to create and embody it. Aligning your personality with your soul is the heart of spiritual growth and it moves you forward in your life in entirely new, more joyful, and surprising ways.

When your life becomes a spiritual practice, everything changes.

Like-hearted peers. To successfully create and sustain real change, you will be studying and partnering with people who are on a similar quest. Through this community, lovingly held by Gary and Linda, you receive support for diving deeply into yourself — your motivations, your uniqueness, your humanness — and emerge with the clarity, courage, and confidence to create the life your soul desires you to live.

2022 Journey to
Spiritual Partnership

Mark your calendar now with the dates for the four retreats:

JANUARY 14–16, 2022

The New Consciousness: Living an Intuitive, Multisensory Life

At this time of unprecedented evolution in human consciousness, we are awakening to multisensory perception. Learn how to recognize, utilize, and enjoy your multisensory experiences to step toward the full expression of your soul and the unique gifts you are here to share.

APRIL 8–10, 2022

Cultivating Emotional Awareness: The Language of Love and Fear

As humans, we process the universal energy of life through our bodies — as the flow of emotions. Discover how emotions are created through your energy processing system, and the specific wisdom they are giving you so you can move in the direction your soul wants you to go.

JULY 15–17, 2022

Intention Is Everything: Consciously Creating Your Life

We create our reality with our intentions — whether or not we are aware of what they are. Develop awareness of the intentions you are choosing and the relationship between your choices and their consequences so you can use your free will to express your soul more fully.

OCTOBER 14–16, 2022

Spiritual Partnerships: The New Dimension of Relationship

Spiritual partnership is the new archetype of relationship on the planet: partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. Explore and practice creating spiritual partnerships and experience more satisfying and fulfilling relationships as we journey and grow together into the new consciousness.

Good news! You will not be sitting in one place staring at a screen the whole time. Breaks and activities are built into each retreat experience (journaling and short walks, for example).

Registration information

The cost for the 2022 Journey to the Soul series is $XXXX, a savings of $XXX if you were to take each retreat individually — PLUS you will receive pre- and post-retreat support and materials, access to the online Soul2Soul Community, as well as WHAT?

Why attend?

“Don’t believe what I say because I say it. Don’t believe anything that anyone tells you because they tell you. Take it into your heart. See if you resonate with it. If you do, experiment with it. And if that experiment creates things that you want to continue to experience, then experiment with it again.”

- Gary Zukav -





Expect to be surprised and delighted by your own capacities, to experience love and fulfillment, to work with challenges, meet interesting people, and thoroughly enjoy yourself.

We look forward to getting to know you.

With love,

Gary & Linda

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