Study Groups

You can use the Study Guide in the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Seat of the Soul and this Online Extension alone or in a group. They will benefit you either way. If you study alone, you will need to apply what you are learning sooner or later when you interact with people in order to create authentic power. We suggest that you join a Study Group to get the advantage of practicing as well as learning with individuals who are also striving to create authentic power. Your interactions with others in the group will give you opportunities to use the Authentic Power Guidelines with their support and to support them in using the Authentic Power Guidelines. This is how spiritual partnerships work. They are partnerships among equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. However you choose to learn, creating authentic power requires applying and experimenting with what you learn. That is where the rubber meets the spiritual road.

Below you will find links to resources to help you get started.


Creating a Study Group

Organizing a Session

Suggested Meeting Format

General Study Group Guidelines

Authentic Power Guidelines