Ready to begin your transformational journey into freedom, joy, and love?

Whether you’re looking for heartfelt community with like-minded souls, powerful videos from Gary Zukav, Linda Francis, and other special guests, opportunities to join live calls, or resources like quizzes, worksheets, and more.

Seat of the Soul’s Soul2Soul Community is here for you.

What steps do I need

to take to join the community?

We’re glad you asked! The Soul2Soul Community is brand new and
very easy to use. Here’s what you’ll do:

1. Click the “Join Now” button below to get started.

2. You will be taken to a new page and prompted to create your account in the Soul2Soul community. Enter your first & last name, then click “Next” in the top right corner. (Already a member? Just head here and login.)

3. Enter your email address — be sure to use one you regularly use! Click “Next”

4. Let us know why you want to join us. You can be as brief (or detailed) as you prefer. Then, click “Submit”.

5. Check your inbox to get your official welcome email. There will be a link inside that message that you’ll use to enter the community! (Be sure to check your promotions & spam folders if you don’t see anything from us.)

6. Once inside, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re having trouble finding anything.

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