Spiritual Partnerships:

The New Dimension of Relationship

OCTOBER 14–16, 2022
How often do you feel inferior or superior to others?
Do the people in your life help you see what you are unaware of in yourself?
What kinds of relationships do you really want?

Take a 3-day journey into authentic communication.

Spiritual partnership is the new archetype of relationship on the planet: a partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. We all long for fulfilling relationships of substance and depth but are too often driven by unconscious expectations and hidden agendas with others. Spiritual partnership is a soul-to-soul connection based in true equality.
Through the choice to engage in the role of spiritual partner with another (whether as a couple, or with family, colleagues, classmates, or friends) you acknowledge that we are not only personalities walking through the physical world, but that we are also souls journeying through a much larger spiritual landscape – and we need each other to make the journey.
“Within a spiritual partnership, you set aside the wants of your personality in order to accommodate and support the needs of your partner’s spiritual growth.”
This immersive learning retreat provides you with a roadmap for, and extensive experience with, creating spiritual partnerships, drawing on a shared understanding of communication that supports each partner’s spiritual growth through self-awareness.
Friday – Sunday | OCTOBER 14–16, 2022

Spiritual Partnerships:

The New Dimension of Relationship

Online. Interactive. Practical.
What to expect: As a result of these three days of inspired teachings, soul-to-soul connections, Q&As, practices, meditations, and more, you will be able to:
  • Experience relationships with equals for the purpose of spiritual growth.
  • Develop the self-awareness you need to transform fear and have more satisfying and fulfilling relationships with others and support them in doing the same.
  • Move beyond power struggles and judgments and experience the ability to respond with love instead of react in fear even when – especially when – you are triggered.
  • Welcome new ideas and perspectives from other people who support you in creating the most rewarding and growth-filled relationships and life possible.
  • Create partnerships among equals with others who also sense themselves as souls on this journey into the new consciousness.
What to bring: Your questions, challenges, and doubts, along with an open-hearted commitment, an open mind, and your soul’s desires.

Real life. Real people.
Real change.

Gary Zukav and Linda Francis draw on more than 30 years of teaching to guide you and a community of like-hearted souls through an interactive, experiential learning retreat designed to provide you with the tools you need to create spiritual partnerships.
Gain fresh perspectives on who you are, what the world is, and what your role in it is.

Why attend?

  • You are ready for a new experience of relationships and communication and excited by the idea of meeting others as true equals.
  • You understand that you need to change yourself first, not focus on trying to change those around you.
  • You want to create spiritual growth in all aspects of your life and know that you need the support of others in order to do so.
  • You recognize self-limiting patterns in yourself that are preventing you from deeper levels of intimacy and honesty.
  • You are willing to risk being more open, vulnerable, honest, and trusting in order to grow spirituality.
Good news! You will not be sitting in one place staring at a screen the whole time. Breaks and activities are built into the retreat experience (journaling and short walks, for example).

Registration information

The cost for Spiritual Partnerships: The New Dimension of Relationship is $2500.

We anticipate great interest in this retreat and recommend early registration to ensure a spot. You will receive preparation materials, technology instructions, and other suggestions for how to have the best experience a month before the retreat.

Want to dive deeper?
Take the series.

Journey to the Soul retreats take you through the process of creating Authentic Power – the alignment of your personality with your soul. Spiritual Partnerships: The New Dimension of Relationship can be experienced on its own and is also offered as part of a four-part retreat series that takes place over the course of 12 months. The cost for the series is $XXXX.





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