Dear Gary,

Ever since I accidentally picked up your “The Seat of the Soul” book in 1998 during probably the most difficult and trying time in my whole life, your divine wisdom revealed through your books has meant so much to me that you are equivalent to God to me (namely my Saraswati Devi, the Goddess of Education, in whose name I think of that One God). I read, reread your words of wisdom in all your books as many times as I can. In fact, my daily prayer (more than once each day) simply is: God, please help me create harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for Life; please help me develop forgiveness, humbleness, clarity and love for everyone and everything including … (here normally I mention the names of those with whom there might have developed some or other misunderstanding in the recent past); please make me radiate energy only in love and trust, never in fear and doubt. As a professor teaching quantum chemistry and thermo day in and day out and as someone deeply pondering over the working of the scientific method (in terms of facts, classifications, laws, theories, etc.), I have tried to develop postulates in terms of your teachings, which to me is a spiritual theory explaining umpteenth number of facts to do with human lives. May you live a much longer life to continue this divine service along with your partner Linda and write many more books. Happy belated birthday, Gary!

Sundar Naga