Happy Birthday Gary!

I’m so grateful that you chose to share your gifts and journey with the world. There are so many things you’ve written and said over the years that have been an immense support to me.
As I meditated what came to me so vividly was your gentle presence and compassion for others, and myself. During the times when my frightened parts were very active and I didn’t know if it was possible to challenge my fear and live from my Love, you modeled the possibility to me.

This particular instance came to mind, because I think of it often. I was at the Windmill Inn for an APP gathering, and while we speaking at a break you said, “Words can do so much healing or they can do so much damage. Love can heal anything.” Your words had a profound effect on me. It’s as if the words took residence in my heart.

One the most meaningful things anyone has ever said to me, was said by you. Crystal clear as if it was yesterday, we were on a monthly conference call with APP. I was sharing about the intense pain that had been triggered in me after Gustav died. I was talking about this unconditional Love I felt for him, and my fear I’d never feel it again. You said, the Love is in you; Gustav triggered the Love that is within you. That was life changing for me. Immediately, I felt the truth of the words on a deep level, a soul level.

Much Love and appreciation,