Dear Gary,

First of all Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for being here with us and sharing your knowlege. I first aquired a copy of Dancing Wu Li Masters probably 30 years ago. Oddly enough I have kept a copy of the book near at hand for all these years but I would only pick it up occaisionally and read a little at a time. This is unusual because I am an avid reader. What I would read would be just what I needed at that moment. I am still slowly reading that book. It seems I have to be ready to receive the information. Or maybe I know when I am ready and am prompted to pick it up again.

About 15 years ago I had become very ill. I was lying on the couch thinking I was surely going to die because I couldn’t breathe and would cough myself into a black out every little while. My whole body hurt, especially my lungs and abs. My life was in an emotional wreck as well. (no surprise!) I had found out that my husband had been unfaithful and just could not deal with my feelings.

To distract myself I turned on Oprah and there you were talking about the Seat of the Soul. I had my husbsand go get the book. Somehow I managed to start reading it and slowly I started getting better. Never been that sick again. I do believe that you saved my life with that book. I have read other books by you and get your newsletter as well. Recently I watched you on Oprah’s Soul Sunday and got to see part of that first episode with you again. Marvelous!

I consider you one of my great teachers and you are always near and dear to my heart. Thanks to both you and Linda for making yourselves available to the world.

Many Happy returns of the Day!

In love and gratitude,
Teresa Doyle