Change. Possibilities.

Authentic Power.

“Change, possibilities, and power that we could not have imagined are reshaping the entire human experience.”

Are you ready for this transformation?

Are you ready to…

change yourself rather than trying to change others?

develop relationships of more substance and depth?

challenge your fears and create different consequences?

Then, you are ready to begin the journey to authentic power!

 Spiritual Partners Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

Reach Your Full Potential

We are here to share this evolutionary journey with you…committed to supporting YOU in accelerating your spiritual growth. We are co-creating new products and tools that you can use in your daily lives. We invite you to experience, experiment, and evolve with us.

Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth

SoulLearning is an interactive learning adventure into the exploration of your spiritual development.

“Your soul is interested in how you use your energy—what you create—and whether you achieve your greatest potential. It sees the experiences of your life as part of a larger, richer, more complete picture than the one you can see.

—Gary Zukav &
Linda Francis

Discover more about SoulLearning.

SoulLearning offers an extraordinary online experience with:

  • experiential immersion
  • richly illustrated videos
  • fun and engaging exercises
  • guided meditations and visualizations
  • coursework tailored to your experience

More Tools for Spiritual Transformation

Please check back to find out more about the following tools, currently in development:

  • Weekly Soul Inspiration
  • Seat of the Soul TV Subscriptions
  • Soul Questions and Lessons
  • Soul Partnership Online Community
  • Online Teleseminars and Virtual Events