…I came upon your book the seat of the soul, and while I was reading your book all I can tell you is that you changed my perspective of the world, and opening up my intuitive and artistic mind, since a very young age, and now I am a successful poet, at least a budding one, a photographer, a writer, a tarot reader, and a. Budding interior designer, I also attended feng shui workshops, angel workshops, and many others, and felt a deep cleansing of my personality…

It’s all because of your contribution, in those few paragraphs in your beloved work, that I got in touch with my multi love ( dimensional nature.) and today when I enter a room I just light it up.

Thank you Gary, your distant spiritual partnership in my spiritual life, has given me a deeper purpose for everyday of my simple life, turning into one magnificent one…. Truly. Thank you!!

Cheers to seat of the soul..

A little poem for you.
Like a soldier, from the night,
And a light worker as many call it.
I think you are simply what you are to me.
And I think you are, amazing!
Happy birth day!

(p.s) from my multidimensional heart to yours.
May you and your wife live amazing years together! You are a huge inspiration to me, just by being you. …