Congratulatuions on your 70 Years in the Earth School

Hi Gary…I read with interest as other folks speak about having heard of having met Gary so many years ago and the impact he has had on their respective lives. Maybe it is because I come from the cold confines of the far north that I have to admit I had never heard of Gary until the fall of 2011 when a friend of mine suggested I consider attending Gary’s evening lecture in Calgary. My immediate response was “Who is Gary Zukav?” Having said that, I did attend and very quickly discovered this incredibly gentle, insightful individual who truly spoke to my heart. I remember vividly hearing him say “When someone says something to you and you respond and react quickly and defensively, likely that is something you really need to look at.” It was as if he was speaking directly to me! I subsequently attended a 1 day experience the following day and then made the decision to attend the retreat in Oregon last July where I had the opportunity to again experience the genuine love from both Gary and Linda which allowed me to be able to open up and experience feelings inside of me I never knew existed. There was a frightened part of my personality which made me question the entire experience yet I was able to let that go and allow myself to experience the love and open, honest sharing in that room. I was intrigued as I readily discovered the experience was not about making money by holding a retreat ( which was clearly evidenced when Gary obviously was uncomfortable even talking about money and began to laugh as I have never seen anyone laugh in my entire life.) I heard a great deal about examining my “intention” and it was abundantly clear that Gary’s intentions are nothing but honorable and true. It is about his making a difference in the world. So I thank you Gary…although I have known you for only a short time compared to others, that is not the point…you continue to make a huge difference in people’s lives and you do so from your heart…Happy Birthday and as you said last July…I will see you in Oregon next summer, God willing…verne

Verne Fielder