Joyful Blessings

I first learned of Gary’s work when a friend gave me a copy of Seat of the Soul. I quickly devoured that information and then tried The Dancing Wu Li Masters. I found the second experience to be quite challenging to understand but felt the powerful messages that he conveyed in each one. Since that time, my eyes and ears perk up whenever his name or work appear before me. I have had the privilege of being in a couple of workshops with Gary and Linda and have found the experience enriching in my personal external relationships as well as the one within myself. I am always struck by the authentic way Gary presents his spiritual insights. I thought about where I might be on this Earth journey had I not “discovered” his work. The idea is unfathomable! I have integrated so much of Gary’s writings that I cannot use words to express adequately. I will simply say NAMASTE’ as I acknowledge the divine reflection.

On this auspicious day I send many present and future joy-filled blessings……and prayers that you keep those pearls of great price coming! (I’m creating the most precious string of pearls imaginable. 🙂

Wanda Gail 🙂