Linda Francis and Gary Zukav, Spiritual Partners

It Was A Joy
To Be With You
In Wellspring

We created this mini-website personally for you who attended one or more of our talks. We intend it to help deepen your understanding of the topics we discussed. The following pages will remind you of our discussions. We suggest you read all of them, even if you did not attend all our talks. They will give you an introduction to Spiritual Partnership and the Four Keys to Authentic Power. Wow!

Follow-through is important. Inspiration is common, but a life transformed by an inspiration is a treasure. This mini-website will help you transform your experiences at Wellspring to more meaning, joy and love at home.

Continue Exploring, Cocreating and Experimenting

Before each talk we held the intention to explore with you the possibility that we can all cocreate what is most supportive for us together. Your part would be to hold this intention along with us. Even if you didn’t hold this intention, we were comfortable that what is best would emerge. It would just be different.

We suggested that to cocreate, you experiment with opening yourself to how your heart sees things for the time we are together. This means when parts of you begin to judge yourself as lesser or better that you become aware of that and choose to move your energy back to your heart where there is no judgement. Then you can notice and discern from your heart. From the fear-based parts of your personality you will judge, compare and analyze. When you are doing that your orientation is not to cocreate, contribute or give. From your hearts perspective all you want to do is cocreate, contribute and give.

To begin creating Spiritual Partnerships and applying the Four Keys to Authentic power at home: