What We Discussed about
The Four Keys to Authentic Power



There are different ways of understanding the “Four Keys to Authentic Power,” just as there are different ways of understanding the four parts of a Medicine Wheel. A Medicine Wheel is divided into four quadrants. For example, starting at the top right quarter of a Medicine Wheel and moving clockwise around it to the top left quarter, the quarters can represent the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), the phases of our lives (infancy, childhood, adulthood, elderhood), the history of a personality (birth, growth, maturation, death), and more. At Wellspring, we used these four keys to talk about authentic power:

  • Emotional Awareness
  • Responsible Choice
  • Intuition
  • Trust in the Universe


We Touched On These Important Things

Emotional Awareness is the ability to distinguish in yourself between loving parts of your personality and frightened parts.

Loving parts of your personality (gratitude, patience, appreciation, etc.) produce good-feeling physical sensations in the vicinities of your chakras (energy processing centers) when they become active.

Frightened parts of your personality (anger, jealousy, vengeance, etc.) produce painful physical sensations in the vicinities of your chakras when they become active.

Acting on loving parts of your personality creates joyful, healthy, constructive consequences.

Acting on frightened parts of your personality creates painful, unhealthy, destructive consequences.

A Responsible Choice creates consequences for which you are willing to assume responsibility.

Emotional awareness enables you to choose responsibly (create joyful, healthy, constructive consequences or painful, unhealthy, destructive consequences for yourself.)

Intuition the voice of the nonphysical world. You experience it as hunches, insights, or inspiration.

Intuition shows you your creative capabilities and your responsibility for how you use them.

Intuition is what makes multisensory perception (perception beyond the limitations of the five-senses) multisensory.

Trust in the Universe is knowing that the circumstance you are in is working toward your best and most appropriate end.

Emotional awareness, responsible choice, intuition, and trust in the Universe are the tools of creating authentic power.

You were born to create authentic power.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What does authentic power mean to you?
  • Why attracted you to this talk on the four keys to authentic power?
  • What do you expect that “Four Keys” to creating authentic power will provide you?
  • How do you think these keys might support you?
  • What does emotional awareness mean to you?
  • What does responsible choice mean to you?
  • What does intuition mean to you?
  • What does trust in the Universe mean to you?


We really enjoyed our time with you.


Hand-Outs : Four Keys To Authentic Power talk

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We did not distribute handouts in Wellspring (we were traveling light). Here are links to these to support you at home in creating authentic power step by step. (Remember, there are many “Four Keys.” These are the ones we discussed.)

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We suggest you print copies of these guidelines for your fridge, bathroom mirror, where you eat, and to carry with you. Fold one up and keep it in your wallet or purse, and don’t be afraid to look at it often, especially when you experiment with deeper and more substantive relationships, live courageously, and create authentic power.

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