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Gary Zukav

Here Is What We Discussed about Multisensory Perception

  • An unprecedented change in consciousness is occurring.
  • Our awareness is expanding beyond the limitations of the five senses.
  • This is multisensory perception.
  • Multisensory perception is a gift from the Universe.
  • Some experiences of multisensory perception are:
    • Sensing yourself as more than a mind and body.
    • Sensing that you life has a purpose and wanting to know that purpose.
    • Seeing your experiences as meaningful (instead of meaningless and random).
    • Knowing things about others that your five senses did not tell you.
    • Using intuition more often.
    • Moments of “perfection” when everything seems to be appropriate, even difficult experiences.
    • Seeing the Universe as compassionate and wise.
  • Multisensory perception illuminates the potential of authentic power.
  • Authentic power is the alignment of the personality with the soul.
  • Authentic power feels wonderful, engaged and engaging, meaningful, purposeful, joyful.
  • You must bring the new potential of authentic power into being in your life – becoming multisensory is not the same as creating authentic power.
  • You must create authentic power.